20s Vs 30s

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  1. Trablogger says:

    Beautiful colours and nice composition. 20 is good due to its own charm and energy, 30 is good due to its own clarity and maturity. But I cant say which is better.
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  2. I had just dwelled on a post title 40’s vs the 20’s, and happen to land here, indeed the debate on the aspect of age is precisely divided by our fast changing thoughts and ability to take actions.

    This is really interesting the way you have delved into it. Indeed 20’s is about the uncertainties and the lack of clarity, and it starts taking adequate shape as we approach the 30’s and as so rightly articulated we label it maturity and experience but many things happen during that transition.

    With the digital technology transforming the way we think, work and live our life, we have started looking at life through multiple lens and the interpretation of age is undergoing a metamorphosis. Good time to take the debate to dissect different dimensions of life…thanks Parul for sharing with us a lovely perspective.

  3. Soumya says:

    As someone who has just started 31, I totally agree. I’m more stronger and confident today than how I was in my 20s. There was a certain something missing types back then. Today I’ve found all the answers within myself and I feel so good about it.
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  4. Mayuri says:

    I have enjoyed each phase, each decade that I have lived in the best way I possibly could. The uncertainties of the 20’s the assurance of the 30’s were instrumental in moulding me for my fabulous 40’s that I am so enjoying πŸ™‚

  5. Love my 20s for the mistakes made, falling in love and India…fucking up can teach us a great deal but love this phase for the flawless college times and friendship made. My 30s hasn’t been bad with the struggle professionally and still in quest of the self.

  6. I was born old, all the time trying to figuring out what was I doing in my childhood and youth (I would like to imagine I am still young πŸ˜€ ) So, now that I am moving closer to 40, I think I have attained the balance between my mind, body, and soul. Life in 30s has been turbulent and about discovering the resultant peace after warring. I hope life is 40s is much kinder and offers stress-free learnings. You asked whether I would like to go back to my 20s and my answer is no. I am totally at home where I am today.
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    • It is all in our mind and the way we want to look at life, age is just frame and if we wanted to look life and enjoy every phase of our journey we need to come out that frame. Anamika, so nicely put that “I am totally at home where I’m today”. Indeed we get a balance of mind, body and soul, and it comes along with the grind of life we go through in our 30’s, perhaps the toughest time to accept the rapid changes that goes through in that period of our life, so many things happen and we are pressed with time and go through the motion of life.
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  7. vineeta says:

    I want to go back in my 20s just to enjoy my those healthy , tention free days and do those things which now I am unable to do as I am 55 +.

  8. Vasantha says:

    I’m in my 40s. I really miss my 20s since its was a freaky carefree life. I love to go back to my 20s.
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  9. Geetika says:

    I am in my late twenties and still not sure about so many things in life. If 30’s are what you’ve defined them, I can’t wait to be 30! So happy to read you after such a long time, Parul!
    How have you been?


  10. Rajlakshmi says:

    I have just stepped into 30s and I love the sense of security and independence … More than when I was in 20s. But the grey strands that seem to appear a lot these days kinda dampens the mood πŸ˜‹
    So nice that you have a friend like DR.
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  11. Shilpa Gupte says:

    I am in my 40s – my, that sounds awesome!! And, it’s now that life seems to have sorted itself out for me…or rather, I have sorted out life for myself. True, there are times when I wish I could go back. But, now, when I look back at the Shilpa from her 20s, I feel comfortable in the Shilpa in her 40s – far more matured, sensible, patient, and accepting of life and the people around. Of course, there is really nothing else one can do than accept, but that is not how I was back then.
    SO, I am happy in my 40s, with my 40s and wish I had been this way back then!

    • So well said Shilpa, 40 is where we are more mature and where we are calm and bring that element of stability to our thoughts and reflect on life gone by with a deep sense of responsibility, and also we ponder on the things we missed by, nothing wrong in trying out few things that are well within our norms and doing it differently. I agree we need to accept the fact and take steps to expand our creative engagement and keep the child within active and raring to go…
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  12. upasna says:

    I too feel I am enjoying more as I have entered my 30s. Its because I am clear in my thoughts and I am moving closer to my dreams. I am matured as a person now, I accept my weaknesses, willing to improve and do not punish myself but LOVE myself more than anyone else.

    • It is the perfect phase of life to look back the 20’s and also good time to look forward to the 40’s, as things are turning more exciting with the fast changing time and technology, the world will be much different place in the next decade, and changes are going to sweeping and perhaps we are not in a position fathom the impact. Indeed Upasna, it is better to enjoy the present phase of life with all its glory and full of gratitude.
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  13. LOL, I have a long way to go then?
    I keep fretting that I’m wasting my 20s but then, I look back to see that I’m an entirely different person from even three years ago (in both good and bad ways, I suppose) and I’ll take it. Change I can deal with, stagnation, absolutely cannot able to.

  14. I prefer the 40s more. So you know you have a few more years to go. For me, the baby years are behind me. I am doing what I enjoy. I am self assured abs much more oriented towards me. I guess it is the maturity, calm, experience that each decade brings which makes the next one feel better.

  15. I like 30s more…Though my sister says I was born an old, lazy woman but jokes aside I like that I can be who I am more comfortably now as I grow older πŸ™‚ Sometimes I do miss my younger years because of the freedom it brought along. Now I have so many responsibilities but I don’t think I’d like to go back even if given a chance πŸ™‚

    • Parul Thakur says:

      Even I wouldn’t like to go back to the old days. The only think that worries me now is health, aging parents etc. It’s true that each stage of life has something or the other to give.

  16. I am also in 30+ and definitely, I had more maturity and experience in dealing with the different situation, but sometimes I really missed those innocent days of the 20s. I think, each year, each age has their own flavour and we should try to enjoy them with mindfulness.

  17. Deepti says:

    Glad our chat translated into something so well articulated.. thanks for penning those thoughts and cheers to our happier 30’s !!

  18. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice leaf on the asphalt.

  19. I completely agree and exactly same feelings Parul. I think, i learned to create happiness for myself after 30 and i accepted my weaknesses and not struggling to impress others.

  20. Sara says:

    I believe that each decade plants us deeper and firmer into the ground, we stand upon.Each year brings us closer to what we were intended to be.So 40s for me πŸ™‚

  21. arv! says:

    Our perspectives keep changing. We may not think the way we used to think at certain point of time. That’s because of experiences in later years or events that shaped us. I think there are things you enjoy later because your thoughts mature and things settle down. It can be 30’s or 40’s!

  22. Couldn’t agree more and to be honest, I am looking forward to the 40s more than the 30s. I admire the 30s for the wonderful lessons I’ve learnt but I anticipate that the 40s will be where I come into my own as a person, Blogger, parent and friend. This past year alone has given me some hard knocks but I bless every one of them. Every day. So yes, 30s definitely better than the 20s. No doubts πŸ™‚
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      I’m not sure I can say the same. The 40s would mean almost mid life and that part scares me. Yes, the years in life have added maturity and evolved each of us into the people we really are. Thanks for stopping by Naba!

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