And it’s a wrap! #AtoZChallenge

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  1. Vinitha says:

    Congratulations, Parul. I couldn’t read all your posts but yes, I managed to read some. And as always your posts were inspiring and insightful. Loved the reflections here.

  2. Cait says:

    Well done for making it to the end of the challenge. 🙂

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

  3. Debbie D. says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge so successfully, Parul! I admire your attitude. Relax and enjoy the experience is the best way. I still stress over falling behind with acknowledgments. Thing is, I feel it’s not fair to those who took the time to visit me and write comments. As you said though, “it’s just a blogging challenge” and there is definitely more to life. Cheers! 🙂
    Debbie D. recently posted…REFLECTIONS | #AtoZCHALLENGE 2017My Profile

  4. Debbie D. says:

    Congratulations, Parul! I admire your attitude. 🙂 Relax and enjoy it is the best way. Now, If only I could be more like that. It still stresses me out when I fall behind, as it doesn’t seem fair to those who took the time to visit me. No matter; life goes on…
    Debbie D. recently posted…REFLECTIONS | #AtoZCHALLENGE 2017My Profile

  5. Arlee Bird says:

    I really like the attitude expressed in this post. I think you took the right approach for you and when it works, it’s a success. Congratulations!

    Thanks for the Reflections.

    Arlee Bird

  6. Alana says:

    Congrats, Parul! “Stay open to new learning” is the key to remaining active and enjoying life as we age. I sometimes resist it but blogging makes me continue to learn. And now, after a rest, I will be up to new challenges. Looking forward to more Thursday Tree Loves, too.

  7. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I enjoyed your posts but have to catch up on the latter half.
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…2017 #AtoZReflectionsMy Profile

  8. Mandy says:

    Congrats on surviving and completing A-Z! I’m impressed that you were going to sit this one out and ultimately decided against that and still managed to keep up!

    With Love,

  9. Nick Wilford says:

    Great approach to the Challenge. Stressing over the numbers takes the fun out of it. Congrats on finishing!

  10. I didn’t get to comment as much as I would have liked towards the end of the month – with a new book release and work commitments it just didn’t happen. While I wouldn’t say I felt guilty as such, I did feel like the last few weeks weren’t as productive as the first for me
    Random Musings recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: Thoughts and ReflectionsMy Profile

  11. lissa says:

    I like not to stress about not visiting or commenting but somehow but that didn’t happen at the beginning of the challenge but I ease up a bit a week maybe two weeks after. I think what stress most people out is disappointing people and not posting their letters on time. I know I feel a bit guilty if I’m late with a post.

    anyway, congrats on finishing. have a lovely day.

  12. Congratulations! Glad you had a fun time and made it work.
    Nilanjana Bose recently posted…The Long And The Short Of It : A-Z ReflectionsMy Profile

  13. upasna says:

    Kudos Parul. Yes, its all about our mind. I decided to take part and survive. Though I did not wrote and scheduled all the posts but still managed to complete the challenge as I wrote only what was on my mind, what would work for me. Yay, we are survivors. Support from family matters.
    upasna recently posted…A TO Z REFLECTIONS 2017 + QUOTED STORIES LINKYMy Profile

  14. Geets says:

    It was lovely to read your posts, Parul. I read a few and missed a few… that is how it gets with almost all of us in April! Congratulations on completing three years in a row!

    Geets recently posted…Save me from these Mother India please!!!My Profile

  15. Even your reflections are so humble and full of gratitude Parul – I have to learn so much from you! I loved reading your thoughts everyday as they reasonated so well!!
    Kudos of the completion and more power to you as you rock on in life!

  16. I’m glad that you found a way to make the challenge work for you. 🙂
    J Lenni Dorner recently posted…#AtoZChallenge 2017 Reflection PostMy Profile

  17. Amrita says:

    That’s the best part.Writing and feeling happy.Congratulations on doing it so well.

  18. Congratulations Parul on finishing the challenge. It was my third time too and I am surprised with myself because till the end of March, I had no idea I would write this time 😀
    Swathi Shenoy recently posted…A Month in the Shoes of an ‘A to Z’erMy Profile

  19. Awesome, Parul! Congratulations.

    Indeed, the human mind is capable of a lot when it’s mastered. Of course, it’s also capable of a lot when it masters us.

    This A-Z challenge will now be a reminder each time you think twice about whether you will succeed. Kudos!

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