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  1. Soumya says:

    Personal stories always make the best reads. There is something well, personal about it 😛

    As much as a person is good in poetry and fiction, it is just an idea or a perspective. Or a tale. Personal posts guarantee an instant connection with the writer and this is something most readers look forward to. Atleast I do.

  2. MALINY says:

    I just adore personal posts. I could immerse myself in those posts and read from head to tail without blinking my eyes. I like writing personal posts too. I feel the most comfortable and at ease writing my heart out. But then, our lives aren’t so eventful that we fill these spaces with one story of ours with another. And that is when I sew stories of my creation and post them as fiction. I have to say, my blog is basically a personal niche and fictitious stories are mere fillers.
    Glad to have come across another person who agrees 🙂

  3. Much as people have told me it is important a blog should have a niche, I quite disagree with it.. cause I don’t have a niche too. If you write what you love ,and love what you write, then that’s your niche…. your life. And all our lives are a Pandora’s box of a zillion things… books,food, movies, daily affairs, personal anecdotes etc…. keep doing what you do parul. Your posts strike a chord with me.

  4. Personal Posts are not me Parul but I love reading them because they seem to ring a chord somewhere deep within. In fact I have recently tried writing some personal stories and to my astonishment they had a huge traffic that the dry daily posts. I am trying to put in more of my personal stories into the posts I write, however there still are some restrictions for me.
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  5. Suman Kher says:

    Personal stories strike a chord because it can be the common experience of a lot of people. At the same time I think it takes courage to write personal stories. I’m usually a little wary since it feels vulnerable to reveal feelings and thoughts that are personal to me. But I guess personal stories are powerful since someone uncovers the vulnerability and we vicariously find the strength in it.
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  6. I could so relate to your post; my blog is similar to yours in so many ways and yes even I feel, its the personal stories that conenct more with people. I think it feels great to read someone else’s version of something thats happening in your life too. Somewhere we feel comforted that its not only us who is going through something like this. I love reading your blog – it connects with me a lot and gives me immense positivity just when I need it. Keep on doing what you have been – its just awesome!

  7. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Yes, Parul, personal stories strike a chord because often the reader has also been through something similar and is looking for solutions, or even looking for someone he knows will truly understand. I changed my writing since some time now and I can see how many of my readers can relate to what I am talking about. It’s really surprising to see that we all are sailing in the same boat (as opposed to our “why me?” attitudes), and are looking for shoulders to cry on or lean on for support as we weather every storm in our life.
    Beautiful piece! <3

  8. I’m sure that when people find themselves within/ or relate to any story it binds them to the story and to the writer…And I think we are most relatable when we write from the heart.

  9. Very nice post. Sharing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences is the best way of blogging. People can feel associated with such things and can learn many new things also from such writings.

  10. Suzy says:

    Personal stories are my favourite too. This post truly resonated with me.
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  11. Era says:

    Personal stories are my favorite for the many reasons you mentioned but mainly because they dish ot the diversity of life in ways that makes us wonder “Oh well! I’m not the only one that goes through it” or “Wow! now that’s another way of looking at it”. That WOW factor is main attraction towards personal stories and perhaps this is why I write many myself 🙂
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  12. Shailaja V says:

    I love personal stories for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Mostly I love them for they are a part of me that someone else can relate to. I believe that is true of your posts as well. The voice comes through.
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  13. Shalini R says:

    Ditto! I have experienced it myself. I guess, people connect with you when you write personal posts. 🙂
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  14. Mayuri says:

    Personal stories are the ‘heart’ of any blog, Parul, if and when the blog is as interesting and diverse as yours is.
    I love all your posts and pics but I have a special fondness for the personal bits of your life that you share.
    They are like a surprise treat at the end of a delicious meal – Happiness and Food, apt name I would say 🙂

  15. Kala Ravi says:

    I could connect to what you are saying Parul about your blog not being slotted in a particular niche. It is you afterall in a blog! My blog is as diverse as it gets and though many folks have advised me to separate them, I am comfortable the way it is. I love your personal stories as they are stories I can relate to, they speak of human follies, observations, joys and sorrows that are so identifiable. Its also much to do with the wonderful writer you are, honest with a clear sense of what you’re talking about. Yep, your stories deserve to be reread and may they live long!

  16. Hemu says:

    Actually, for me you are an inspiration. I am not good as you but I try. I became wikipedian, after the day you post about wikipedia and so on. Though, I haven’t created a page over, but I do contribute there. There are many things that I have learnt from you. So yeah, keep writing and keep inspiring.
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  17. Nabanita says:

    I think personal stories connect to our inner selves. They strike a chord. There is familiarity in it.

    I love your posts, Parul because they are an extension of you. That’s why your posts connect to all. 🙂

  18. rajlakshmi says:

    I too feel that personal stories garner much more love and views. That’s because everyone has a story to tell and when someone writes a story exactly like ours, we feel connected. I guess that’s how many blogger friendships grow. Keep writing your stories… I love them.
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  19. Dashy says:

    Personal posts are the best, especially the ones with confessions and things to learn from the experience. Not only is it easy and convenient for us to write, it is also relatable for the reader. Your stories will definitely live long. 🙂
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