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  1. Aseem says:

    Now this is quite interesting. Never knew we actually dream so much whether adults or new borns. So we forget most of our dreams when we get up. Now I know why I don’t seem to remember much even if I did dream 😛

  2. I always dream about friends. Like, my dreams are like a complete 3 hour movie, full of plots, sub-plots and plot twists!
    This infographic is too cool! 😀

  3. Tinipy says:

    Well,My daughter always dreams about being a princess and leading a fairytale-ish life in a big castle.And ME!My dream keeps changing with the ADVENTURES I have all throughout the day 🙂


  4. The info-graphics is very illustrative and with lot of interesting insight…many times we all carry wrong perceptions and our judgment go wry…here is what makes us stop and think differently.

  5. C'est la vie says:

    Hmmm. Then i should go sleep now! Hehe. Awesome infographic 🙂

  6. inquisitivegeet says:

    Intriguing and interesting as well..! I get so many weird dreams sometimes.. and there’s plenty of information you’ve given above… I read somewhere that all of us dream every single night, but we tend to forget the ones which came to us in our deep slumber..

    Informative it was to read Parul 🙂


  7. shanx says:

    Intriguing. Am I the only who never remembers a dream? I have had feeling of I must have seen a dream when I wake up though 😛 might be 1 or 2 that I remember 😀

  8. Wow, quite a plethora of information here and I am so fascinated by all of it. I am a dreamer alright and my mom always complains that I used to kick around a lot when I was inside her. Well, finally an explanation 😀

    P.S: I know I have been missing here but it is only because wordpress doesn’t open at my office. Even if it does it is only a basic version with no images or comment forms. But I promise you that I have been reading all your posts. Today I’m home early and have some time on my hands. So darling, get set for a load of comments! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you were reading and that gives me joy! It’s sad that wordpress doesn’t open at work 🙁 But so cool to see the many comments. Feels great 🙂 🙂

  9. The graphic is incredibly interesting and amazing on dreams. Cheerz

  10. I think dreams are important to life because they push you to do things that only you can see. Its the future that you envision and you work hard to make it a reality.

  11. My dreams are always interesting. I’m doing things I don’t get a chance to do in waking hours. My husband seems to be fighting, repelling attacks etc. I’m glad I have female dreams.

  12. How fascinating. I’ve always been curious about dreams! I had no idea babies could dream inside the womb!

  13. This is a coincidence. I have been talking about dreams, Dhruv’s and mine since yesterday. Dhruv had fever yesterday morning and he was sleeping till late. I heard him crying in his sleep. He was saying ‘Madam forgot to give me book’. And I thought – thus starts Dhruv’s dreaming journey about school. I still get dreams or nightmares about the Maths exam of 11th Std.

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