#FridayReflections – Sibling Love

"Spicy Saturday" Read on Aug 30, '15

“Spicy Saturday” Read on 30 Aug ’15

The moment he was born, she became the elder sister. She was a 14-month-old that time.

His curly hair where she stuck fingers and pencils and her books that he tore. He thought she is parent’s favorite cos she did well in her class. She thought he is the better one cos he looks so cute and even Nani loves him more cos he was born at her place. He is everyone’s favorite cos he is younger. 14 months younger!

Some things come naturally to people – behaving well, setting the right example and taking care was normal to her cos she was the elder sister. She would teach him and beat him. She went to his Junior KG teacher to ask if he was doing well in class. She was in Senior KG then. As they grew up, she would still beat him up but then he would also give her a good fight. He would take her old books till they changed their subjects and she would protect him when he did something wrong. She covered his books and wrote his name on those name slips for every new class. He agreed she had a better hand-writing. He ran to the kitchen every time she wanted biscuits or Horlicks. She agreed she was the lazy of the two. She had the right to order. 14 months older she was!

She made Maggi but they always argued who got more. She knew she never divided it equally and ate while cooking too. He read comics all the time and shared the good ones with her. They were the best friends when they were growing up. They shared what their friends did at school and what subjects were too boring to read. She would give him Algebra lessons and how much he hated her for yelling. They spoke to each other till late night, sang each other songs and shared stories from around. 14 months apart, they were equals!

During Summer vacations, they would cut old books and make scrap books, teach each other some general knowledge stuff, guess what is where on the world map and prove each other who is smarter. Duck tales, Jungle book, Tom & Jerry were the shows to watch together. They saved their pocket-money and he would eat her chocolate. She saved her share and he finished his to get to hers’. He brought her a birthday card every year and she always forgot. She would pay him 5 bucks from her pocket-money to polish her school shoes and he would do that without fail even when he was not going to school. She mostly had the final word. 14 months older, she had the right!

He liked those dangerous games like burning the ball and seeing if it rolls. Why can’t a match stick be taken near a gas cylinder. She was always scared of all this. He started cycling to school first. She later followed. He was the first to leave and come home. She bought a new one and he used a used one. They had fun growing up. He studied Economics and she liked Physics. She still yelled when he forgot the sine, cos and tan of Business Mathematics. He told her about MAT, CAT and GMAT. She joined the rat race but he stayed away. She works for a company and he is a Partner in a company. He is the better one and she is a proud sister. He gets her cool stuff from all over. She still forgets to buy him birthday gifts but he sends her something or the other every year. She loves his interior decoration sense. He cooks better and keeps his house better. Even his plants do better. They are both in different cities and they keep texting each other often. Reading is a common interest they got from parents. 14 months younger makes a smarter generation!

She is 14 months older but he handles life better. She talks more but he expresses better. She spends more but he saves wise. She thinks a lot but he actions what he thinks.  She plans more but he travels more. She blogs but he writes better. She loves him but he loves her more. 

He is my younger brother. 

The older one is right!

The older one is right!

You know how I say that the universe wants you to do things that you really want to do. Right? So, I read a post by a fellow blogger and was inspired to share about my brother this Raksha Bandhan (August 29) but then Friday Reflections came up with the prompt and I did not want to wait! 

This post was a featured post of the week at Friday Reflections.

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  1. Ila Varma says:

    Wonderfully penned Parul, loved the emotions that you have portrayed of siblings.

  2. This is me and my brother come alive. We are not 14 months, but 7 years apart. And I can so relate to these incidents. This read just makes my day.

    Sorry for reading it so late. I am in ‘writing’ phases these days, skipped reading for close to two weeks. 😛

  3. aseemrastogi2 says:

    That was such a loving tribute to your brother :). I am sure he must be feeling really lucky to have a sister like you :D.

  4. Congratulations ! Your post has been featured on Spicy Saturday section of BlogAdda. Check here http://blog.blogadda.com/2015/08/29/spicy-saturday-august-29-2015-indian-bloggers
    Cheers 🙂

  5. Tinipy says:

    Hii,I am new to this blog.Your post just touched my heart.You have indited your sincere feelings that makes it so special.Wish you both A very happy Rakshabandhan 🙂

  6. So beautiful, Parul.
    I don’t have siblings, but I have been granted sisters for life.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  7. umanigith says:

    That was such an “awww” post! From the heart and put across so well. It’s great that your family reads your blogs and even comments on it. The comment from your mom, (I assume Vineetha?)was so heart warming. I guess it’s things like this that makes us wonder if one child will be a lonely one 🙁

  8. sid says:

    sorry, 14 months older.. in one of the line. not years….

  9. sid says:

    Great writing Di… ! Wow. You have written beautifully. Those days reside now only in our hearts – yours & mine. Cannot be relived. My deepest sympathies are towards the single children of the world. They missed out the best friend they could have had. Those 14-15 years of growing up together creates a bond so strong that even 30 years of friendship from later years cannot do so. As it is in our case. Parents – please plan a second one. I know population is not just a word; So, kill thy neighbor and raise one home.

    To add on your lovely post and to correct you at some wrong portrayals and to try to do that in the same flow –

    From the moment he was born, one more head was peeping in the cradle along with parents & other relatives -that too only 14 years elder. Glitter in the eyes would have been the same as his – trying to satiate her own curiosities and know the world around but with an additional responsibility of a younger brother. She had become elder too soon.

    But wrong, as in your article – she was the favorite of everyone – cos she was not only elder, she was the first in all other cousins too. Everyone was just waiting for the first child. So all paternal side uncles plus the grandparents had only one child to play with for good 14 months. And then they could never get off it. By the time the younger boy arrived, the craze was diminished. She had gifts placed and ready much before her birth. Also, had our parents been “crazy for the male child” kind of (in the ‘80s era India ) he could have got more attention, even though being second, but alas… And even grandparents never cared that a girl was born. How non-conservative of them!!

    FYI, putting your finger in my curls and pulling was painful for me. And probably that was the reason those curls didn’t last long.

    While growing up together, she was the Enid Blyton type & he was the Alfred Hitchcock one. And while she had climbed upto mansarovar, he was still stuck with Nagraz & Dhruv.
    With only 40% of Maggi in his share, his brain could not develop in full and thus he never reached upto those ranks which class teachers used to praise. Teachers used to say oh! You are her brother! Learn something from your sister. She tops each year & you topple each year! But when she had an accident while returning from school, he learned two things that day – one, how dear his sister was to him. If he recalls correctly that was the day after which he never raised his hand in any fight. ; and second what alcohol could do to wounds, which, one of our neighbors applied to her injuries. Johnny walker can literally make you walk!

    She was a master at all subjects & he did reasonably ok to pass to next class. On many scolding and guilt trapping moments she could have easily shrugged shoulders & not covered him up – but she did. Older that she was. 14 months older… Shama badan ko chahiye, chotun ko utpat, remember?
    It will apply to her always. Ha ha…That’s Youngers’ prerogative. But then it was not much of any use to him. Cos she turned out to be the naughty type & he the silent loner in the later years.

    She knows friendship & cares for each of her friends. She is still in touch with at least 80% of those peers. He is in touch with mainly her. She was his first friend. He never needed more.

    Providing space to each other & not assume a right on other persons’ free will came on its own. He was never concerned which guy his sister meets, which guy she should date. He never kicked his brother-in-law for dating his sister (without his permission) & then marrying her. On the contrary he met him and also assisted once or twice before their marriage. The emotion was reflected by her too. She never broached this subject either on his side.

    She reminds him of whose b’day and anniversary is approaching so that he can wish them. He always forgets.
    She doesn’t buy gifts but she remembers the important dates. He has only one name in the list of “Who cannot forget his b’day” apart from parents.

    She was always the techno type, still is. He is the old school guy. She is transacting online since the concept started. He has recently discovered the online mode.

    Yes, he travels more but she enjoys more from each of her. She does not know driving. And he complains of backache from driving. Some would say he writes better but she creates it first & then he only adds on to it. He still needs the subject from his sister. 14 months elder sister.

    They took their own flights after leaving parent’s nest. And entirely opposite flights – He became big shot at a small company & she became small part (and gradually rising) of a huge corporation. She is proud of him and he is happy for her. He has 16 plus hours at work each day. She balances well her personal and professional time. She is living a content and happy life. He is still looking for it.

    Where is the drink?? He would need it now.

  10. ajaybpai says:

    HI Parul – The emotions you have for your younger brother spills all over this post. I love to read such bonding amongst the siblings. Your younger one would want to hug you after he reads this post of yours. Lovely.

  11. mackenzieglanville says:

    What a brilliant post, you say he writes better, but I bet he would love reading your writing, you are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing this with #Fridayreflections I have 2 brothers and a sister, my sister is 4 years older than me but we are so close and always have been, it is a blessing to have someone you grow up with remain close xx

    • Thank you so much! yes, it’s a blessing to have someone who knows it all from the growing up days. 🙂 My brother virtual send some hugs and a beautiful response. Read it on the comments when you get time! 🙂

  12. Vineeta Srivastava says:

    i could not enjoy such type of the loving relationship with my brothers coz there was a wide gap between us . But i lived that life with both of you . First she used to beat him and when thrashed by him then sued to cry …. mummy , mummy bachao . When I was reading the post suddenlyI I felt some thing on my cheeks ….they were tears . The tears were telling many more sweet and sour stories of their togetherness . Every one was more interested to open others’ gifts received in birthdays. Iits life . The best thing in this humdrum of life u remember the loving moments of ur past . God bless u both . Now i am satisfied both will take care of each other even in my absence . love u both

  13. I was looking for your brother’s comment because I remember him commenting on your post about your Dad. I’m sure he’s glad you have been there for him all through. May your sibling bond continue to thrive, Parul!

  14. Such a sweet post! Siblings are the best even though they are annoying when you are young! 😛

  15. Rajlakshmi says:

    awwww that is so beautiful 😀 Reminds me of my brother too 🙂 We used to fight for Maggi too … think that’s the truth of most households. We were like two god of thunder inside the same house 😛

  16. Vinitha says:

    So sweet, Parul! I don’t have a brother just a younger sister. I always wanted a brother, elder to me, still want one! I love my sister and we had a nice time growing up. We are just 16 months apart. She was bigger and cuter than me, still is. 🙂 But yeah, I miss having a brother around!

  17. My bro is 2 years younger to me and I have to post him a ‘rakhi’. We were like Tom and Jerry but complemented each other perfectly.

  18. Shilpa Garg says:

    Aww! This is such a heart warming post! So many lovely memories and a bond that’s deep and strong! And you both look like twins! 🙂

  19. Aw this is just the sweetest post ever. So many tiny things make up a brother-sister relationship, its the many shared memories that keep them together. Touchwood to what both of you share.

  20. This post brought about many ‘Me-too, me too’ from me and a wide smile from the start to the end. 😀
    I had a similar relationship with my brother who is 2 and a half years younger to me. Apart from the word ‘Didi’ which he calls me, all his actions were vested in posing and proving himself as my older brother. And the handwriting one, i could not stop myself from laughing over it. My brother had such a bad handwriting that he would come to me with his notebook asking ” Didi yeh bata na main ne kya likha hai?” And when I used to tell him to improve his handwirting, he would tell me “jakar pehle apni dekh, tujhse to achha hi likhta hun.” Now we recall all this and more over tea whenever we visit each other and have a nice time.

    • I am so glad it brought back memories Anamika. My Papa just read it and he loved it! 🙂 My brother also calls me Di but he never bossed around me. I think he accepted that I am older 😉 My brother is a very polite chap. I think I am the rowdy one! 🙂

  21. OMG you guys look so similar you could be twins! Amazing. I envy your close relationship. I never had that with my sister and now I don’t really have any relationship with her at all.

    • Ha ha! That’s just the angle of the picture and the age Kathy. We are very different. We are still close and we chat and talk a lot. Share things – he makes fun of me and I giggle! I give him lessons on online banking and stuff. Thanks for sharing your feelings!

  22. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Rakshabandhan is one day I absolutely look forward to every year. 🙂

    Cousins we might be, but in our hearts, she and I are siblings, and we’ve never let anyone tell us otherwise. 😀 and I can recollect easily and happily when the memory has her in it.

    Liked reading your sibling write-up. 🙂

  23. NJ says:

    WOW that was great dedication 🙂 Your bro is surely going to feel proud and emotional at the same time 🙂

  24. rajivbakshi says:

    Parul , there is no doubt that VTs brother in law is a better writer than you . No offence .

  25. lifelessons says:

    This is such a tender and sincere appraisal of your love for each other. I really appreciate the integrity with which you wrote it. It pulled me in. http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/08/20/mailboxes-etc/

  26. hopingonhope says:

    Aww.. makes me want to hug my brother. He is 3 years younger than me and I ruled all over him 🙂 Happy Rakshabandhan to you and your brother.

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