Gratitude List – January 2017

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  1. Beloo Mehra says:

    I always love reading your gratitude lists – you organise them so well and yet there is such lovely spontaneity to the way your happiness flows through the words. Congratulations for the award! And I like how in the opening of the post you speak of what growing old means 🙂 The mention of jalebi in cold winters was mouthwatering! Keep smiling, always!

  2. Loved your way of feeling gratitude for all in your life. Prayers for your good health. Best wishes for your new career. Congrats for 4 years of blogging. You always inspire me to the core, Parul !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Happiness & Food” is what drove me to check out this blog… I love your gratitude towards life…Wish u more happiness!Good luck!

  4. Hello Parul

    I like your post, gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It is, first of all, recognizing and realizing what you have and how good it is… and it is about gaining satisfaction over the things that you have in your life no matter how simple it is. You have to be happy that you have done the right things and have everything you need. It is something that comes from within a person, and one should not be afraid to give it away. The best way for you to enjoy the things you have in life would be to relish every moment that you have. Enjoy your life to the fullest, by savoring every minute that you have. That way, you get to appreciate it even more.
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  5. Louis Allsup says:

    Right? We complain about so many things when we don’t know we have so many things to be thankful for as well.
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  6. Congrats on your new role at work. I am in college full time at the age of 50. I just got a job offer to work in a local restaurant. I need the cash so say a prayer. Jackie

  7. That’s a lovely round up of the month parul. Firstly congrats on being a runner up…everyday such award is a indeed a morale booster for a blogger. Four years is the time i personally believe a blogger maturea into a fine writer understanding the nuances of blogging.

    Agree with you on health. Its in our hands to oil it well with the right food and fitness… Your schedule seems hectic with calls going on till late at night…
    Hope feb is a more relaxed month and you have more love and food in your life.

  8. congrats on the new role. Wishing you a great February. BTW whats the new HR role now?

  9. Geets says:

    Congratulations for completing 4 years! That’s sheer happiness, I’m sure.
    And so much of good food! I too had but now I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight that I need to lose it and I’m trying to be on diet these days, or trying to have the right diet, to be honest! And now, at this moment, I’m craving for all of it!

    It was happiness to read your Gratitude post, Parul!


  10. Vidya Sury says:

    Congratulations, Parul – on the Award (as good as winning, I say!), your new job role, and your blog turning 4! 2016 has been a very eventful year, no? Your post left me craving for a jalebi. Friends are the best 🙂 Hugs and thanks for being in the gratitude circle! I appreciate you very much!
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  11. Rachna says:

    So so lovely! A post filled with warmth and joy. God bless! Yay for the promotion and the award and so happy for all beautiful blessings in your life, Parul. Hope February is even more satisfying.

  12. Soumya says:

    Such a cute and happy list this is 🙂

    Congrats to the 4 years of blogging! Cheers to 40 more 😀
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  13. Rekha says:

    Congratulations on completing 4 years of blogging! You’re doing a wonderful job with this one. And I’m glad to have met you through this virtual journey. My best wishes for your new role at work. May success be yours in all that you do. 🙂 January didn’t start on a good note for us. Glad that it’s over. I’m just hoping that things turn around for good starting February.
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  14. I forgot to wish you congratulations on completing 4 years of blogging 🙂
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  15. Today is 1st Feb and you start your new role at work. My best wishes to you. I am sure you are going to excel in this new role as well given the level of commitment and hardwork you put in every endeavour of yours. Congratulations for the Orange Award. We discussed once – when we do not figure out ourselves in things in which we want to be, it means there are much more bigger avenues waiting for us. The key is gratitude and you are an inspiration for keeping gratitude in vogue unfailingly with your monthly posts.
    January and gajar ka halwa have become synonymous for me too since last 2 years with my parents visiting every year during this time. They also bring with them a lot of other goodies and I am grateful for winters for this. I identify with you when it comes to writing happy things on the blog and turning inwards when things don’t go smooth. I wait for things to get better before writing about them.
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  16. Anonymous says:

    Such a warm and inspiring blog. Heartiest congratulations for the new role and the award. Indeed a very well deserved one

  17. Mabel Kwong says:

    Congrats on your work and 4 years of blogging! Such milestones and I am sure you will go even further this year, Parul. Amazing, strong and capable woman and looking forward to hearing more stories from you soon. VT must be very proud 🙂

  18. Alana says:

    I am grateful for continued health, a warm house (I think we got down to 5 – Fahrenheit, I mean) and a well stocked refrigerator and freezer. Congrats on your four years. In blogging years, that’s a lot! I continue to enjoy reading you.
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  19. Some lovely things to be grateful for. Kudos for all the blogging goodness…you deserve it! And congrats on the new role on the work front!
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  20. Damyanti says:

    Health is definitely a gift, a fact I’m realizing little by little this year. The first month of this year is done, and it passed by in less than a blink!
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  21. Shilpa Garg says:

    Congratulations for your new role and the award and blogoversary too. Here’s to more such exciting and interesting times. Cheers!
    PS : I am yearning for some hot jalebi now!
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  22. Madhurima says:

    Dear Parul,

    Such a heartwarming post. Congratulations on the new role and the blogging award. You deserve all this and much more.
    Am grateful for some changes in my life that I made this month.
    Keep writing!

  23. Shilpa says:

    Congrats on your new role& the award. Sharing the old memories with others is so much fun. Bless you both 😊.

  24. Rajlakshmi says:

    You had a perfect month… Touch wood touch wood… It’s amazing to have family and friends so supportive.. . They make every moment worthwhile. Congratulations on new opportunities 😀👏👏 I am sure you will soar high.
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  25. Rajendra says:

    Grateful for renewed ties- met Manjari, an ex-IMTian doing her Ph.D. at Nirma Univ, along with her husband and cute daughter. And December…for a Hole-in-one at Golf. Someone up there is keeping an eye out for me! Congrats on becoming a four-year-old, and wish you a long blogging life!

  26. Obsessivemom says:

    That is such a happy post. I’m like that too. I find it difficult to blog if I’m not in a happy frame if mind. I hope you keep finding happiness and keep connecting here.
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  27. Aditi says:

    What a lovely month you’ve had. Heartwarming to read about your loving and supporting relationships! And food! 😀

    Many many congratulations on the new job role and the LGBTQIA Writing award. Well deserved, dear!
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  28. Writer from the East says:

    Congratulations for this career move and 4 years of blogging!!
    Very proud to know a woman of substance as your self!
    P.S: One of the truest joys of life is there in your life as your supportive wonderful husband. And drooling over all those foods treats!!

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