Gratitude List – June 2016

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  1. Vinitha says:

    I hope you are keeping well now, Parul! That’s a fulfilling gratitude list. Your gratitude list always make me smile. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Beloo Mehra says:

    Quite a happy, feel-good list of things to be grateful for indeed! Your words convey the sense of happiness you experienced doing these things. So when you say you are becoming more conscious of your writing process, as a reader I can feel it working 🙂 Keep it up, Parul! Wishing you lots of such happy moments.

  3. Rajiv Bakshi says:

    Mam , Parul , you bowled me LBW today with your gratitude list . Thanks .

  4. This is my second monsoon in Bangalore. I like how the chill in the morning air envelopes the whole house on opening the windows and doors. I like the mild shivering which comes with it. It is commendable that you never miss to publish your Gratitude posts on time.

  5. A lovely list, as usual, Parul. Just the other day I was telling Jose about how beautifully you manage to pack in so many things into your life. Truly inspirational, my dear!
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  6. Roopa says:

    That’s very sweet of you Parul, happy to be part of your gratitude list…I am thinking of doing something similar, as things which often go unnoticed always add a little smile to our lives…

  7. Shantala says:

    So glad you had such a wonderful June, Parul. June has brought about a big change in the status quo for me. I am getting back into the work force (starting july 5th) and it makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I am grateful that I got a break in a line of my choosing (which is different from the one I had studied in and had experience in). 🙂
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      Let us more about your job.I’m very excited to hear. To be able to work and be financially independent is hard in a foreign land and I m happy that you are now getting a chance. All the best. You will do fabulous.

  8. Happy to know about rains in Bangalore. I heard this summer was very hot there. Good that you got time to read and watch tv this time.

  9. Geets says:

    Reading you is always a bliss Parul. I haven’t written my gratitude since I don’t even remember when?! Hoping to get my mojo back this July!

    Your list looks nice and decent 🙂


  10. Mabel Kwong says:

    Sounds like such a busy June for you, Parul. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather for a bit, but so nice to hear that you got to spend time with VT <3 Very luck of you to get some banana cake from your colleague R. It must have made your day brighter with something sweet and nice to enjoy

    My June was busy with work and going to the doctor to get healthy again. Like you, working hard at my job 😀
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  11. BellyBytes says:

    Hey Parul. I love the new look blog. It is sophisticated, stylish and yet very simple and elegant. We our blessed in the ordinariness of our daily lives and for me I am grateful for just having a peaceful, uneventful month with no coughs and colds, no servants bunking and no unexpected ripples in my pond.

    • Parul Thakur says:

      Thank you Sunita. I changed it drastically and I was very wary oh how readers will take the change. I’m happy you like it.
      So good to know the month was peaceful. Sometimes, that’s all we need. 🙂

  12. Parul Thakur says:

    Thanks Darshana! Hostel time will be fun. I also stayed a lot in hostels and made some fabulous friends.

  13. Ami says:

    Lots…the weather, my daughter and hubby for some unexpected joys, my friends for some cheer and joy and lots of encouragement ….glad your post made me reflect on those.

  14. Dashy says:

    That’s a nice round up of events, you’ve had a great month. 🙂 For me the past month flew by so fast with the first half spending all the time doing what I love and the second half running about with results and admissions. Free time’s almost done, hostel life begins soon. Grateful for all the time I had.
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  15. Aww ! Hope you feel better now. Heard about the Bangalore rains from my relatives staying there. It’s feels so nice to be relaxing with the rains pouring outside. Just the thought of it makes me want to rush over to my couch and switch on the TV (even though it is scorching hot weather outside :D).

    When cooking creations turn out for the best, I immediately capture the look as it is a big achievement for me. Glad to know you were able to appreciate your own handmade delicious treats. 🙂

    And lastly, paying attention to the little things of life is absolutely required in this fast paced life today and I am happy that these little things left a little smile on your face as well. 🙂
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      Thank you so much EM! Yes, these rains have brought Bangalore’s soaring temperatures down and it’s such a relief. TV, sometimes it’s annoying and too much of distraction but some days a good pass time.
      Yeah – cooking and experiments. Doesn’t go too well this side but I got lucky.
      I read a quote many moons ago. It said – big things to make us happy seldom come but small ones surround is every day. I just practice that. 🙂 Thanks much for the encouragement.

  16. Vidya Sury says:

    Ah, Bangalore weather! We’re so lucky! Parul, your list is so complete and well-rounded with all the things that really matter! 🙂 Funny how we doubt ourselves sometimes and then end up doing exactly those things rather well! I’ve got Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Yet to read it. What did you think of this book?

    Love nankhatai biscuits, although I can’t really indulge in them. Hugs and thank you for joining the June Gratitude Circle bloghop! May July be fantastic for you!
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      Thank you Vidya, both for the wishes and the compliment. You are right. We doubt ourselves but when supported, we give another shot which turns out good and makes us feel proud. That’s what happened to me.
      The book I’m reading is good. There are 12 articles all of them which first made presence in the New York Times. Stories that i had never heard. I would recommend it but it’s not an easy least read. Let me know how you find The Tipping Point.
      I’d love to know what you use as substitute for sugar. I’ll go home for Diwali and want to take along something. Thanks again!

      • Vidya Sury says:

        I skip sugar. Depending on what I am making, sometimes 2-3 dates work. I generally rely on fruits for their natural sweetness. It is a good thing I am not fond of sweets! 🙂 But if you want a really low sugar sweet, I’ll pm you.

  17. Kaushik says:

    The list is so good. Being grateful to all small and big things in our life gives so much of happiness!. It feels good to look back once at ourselves and be grateful for all things, good and bad too, for they have made us what we are! 🙂
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  18. Alana says:

    I’m sorry you were sick this month and I hope you’re feeling better. I really enjoyed reading your gratitude list :). I really like how positive and optimistic you are! This month I was grateful for the fact that school is out and I am taking the summer off. I have been really stressed out and I have had a chance to recover. I am also trying to work on my writing and improve my health. I just started doing yoga these past two days and want to stick with it. I hope July will be an even better month for you! xoxoxo

  19. Awww l am so happy to play a tiny role in your list of triumphs this month. For me as well, the weather this month has been superb. Children are in school so l have much more time and peace to work and do the things that l enjoy. And this month l went self hosted for my food blog. Very happy about that. 😃 That’s about it.

    • Parul Thakur says:

      Good for you that you have time. And yes, enjoying your recipes. My mum also tried to make the chicken soup. I’ve to ask how it turned to be 🙂 thank you, Rachna!

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