Gratitude List – March 2017

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  1. Vidya Sury says:

    March feels very far away for me! I love your collage, Parul! And the food looks delicious! I’ve had a mixed up time and am trying to keep myself balanced. Thank you so much for joining me. Hope to see more photos of your baking! That cake really does turn out well. Hugs!

  2. NEHA JAIN says:

    It is a strange thing when I see people who love their work & are passionate about it. I also love what I do & it is always a great feeling to meet like minded people. Glad to connect through #GratitudeCircle. 🙂

  3. I want to get friendly with Junie since I too love dogs. Happy for you, Parul !!!
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…So Much To Be Grateful For….. #GratitudeCircleBlogHopMy Profile

  4. Are you keeping up with your goals?
    -> Nyahhh :-/

    How has March been for you?
    -> Nothing great but luckily could make a weekend road trip with childhood pals :-))

    What is that one thing you are grateful for this month?
    -> My new motorcycle 😛

  5. Shilpa says:

    Ah I love holi & Gujiyas .. miss them both . It’s been ages since I played holi, thanks to hubby dear 🙄. Love to make gujiyas one day .. need to find a easiest recipe for a basic cook.🤔

  6. chattywren says:

    Nice to read happenings at your end! I believe coming to know how one has inspired someone else provides a big high…I am also trying to cut down sugar and sweets in my diet , not making too much progress yet. Wishing you a great month of April.

  7. Laurel Regan says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a full, fun, and rewarding month. So happy for you, and thankful you shared!

  8. Alice Gerard says:

    For me, March has been an adventure! I have done some freelance news stories for my local weekly newspaper. Learning about the world of coyotes was fascinating. Hearing the stories of cancer survivors was inspiring. Doing a lot of drawing and painting has been fun and fulfilling. Watching my world come back to life with those little plants that sprout from the ground, despite snow and cold, has been joyful. Thank you for asking about my March experience! I hope that you have a great April!

  9. Good that you are not going anywhere because I love your voice. The strange thing is I was contemplating if I should continue blogging. For some reason, everything seemed futile. But I’m hanging in there. You know when I read about your love for your work it makes me want to give that much more to my work and see if I get that love in return. So keep inspiring me Parul, stay here for me and your other readers 🙂

  10. Marcie says:

    Me Before You. The movie is even better! I heard the second book is really good, better than the first! I’m anxious to read it.

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