Gratitude List – November 2017

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  1. Archana says:

    Belated birthday wishes! You had a rocking month and I am sure this will continue in the new year too!! Waiting to read about your road trip! 🙂
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  2. Soumya says:

    Another road trip? Wow, aren’t you on a roll!

    Your November looks so good and I’m so happy for you that your birthday month turned out to be this good! I was smiling at every point and feeling so happy for you 🙂

    Lots of love and luck for December too!
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  3. You sound like me when you talk about making the bday cake and eating it too; this has been my story for all my life as I am the baker in my family… And yes totally taking off for your bday is just the most perfect thing to do; fo many years I have been practicing to take this day off from work and have a mini holiday all by myself.
    So innovigorating to hear about all that you are doing and how its shaping you up; more power to you for this self love and doing your own thing Parul! Hope you have a great December!!

  4. Esha says:

    I’m glad to know you enjoyed he birthday month and happy you are enjoying the real life more with friends and family, just as it should be! I love the idea of baking your own birthday cake and eating it. Might try it next year. 😀 It’s lovely to know you have so many stories to share about people from the cab rides you take because one often hears people complain about the commute. A grateful heart cherishes the special moments and it’s so wonderful to know you record these moments on the blog so you can not just share your experiences but also keep them saved to read and enjoy later! Have a great trip, Parul. May December be as wonderful too.

  5. Belated birthday wishes, Parul and what a lovely November it’s been for you 🙂

    Certainly filled with plenty of lessons. I totally get the idea of taking the birthday off Facebook. I did too for a couple of years in between. Then, added it back. I love the idea of doing what we love. That’s the most wonderful thing.

    Car pooling sounds perfect! Given the traffic, especially. For me, the Metro is such a blessing and so useful when I need to go to work which is once or twice a month, thankfully.

    Have a lovely trip and here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead 🙂
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  6. That sounds like a lovely November, Parul. Belated birthday wishes. Fellow Scorpion?

    About birthday gifts, G and I follow a similar policy. In fact, I love gifting myself what I want to buy and the same works for him. We do keep buying stuff for each other but like you mentioned, sort of shop together.

    Good to hear about your commute thing. That is the single biggest pain point in Bangalore. And I feel blessed that apart from a few stray meetings, I can work out of home.

    Another vacation? You are making me jealous. Hope you have a fabulous time in December, Parul.

  7. Rajlakshmi says:

    What a fabulous month! I had taken my bday off from everywhere, and yet a few still manage to remember… It feels more special. If i had the skills i would have baked something for myself too. It’s wonderful to have a partner so understanding and caring. My husband and I too don’t give each other gifts. We were never that couple 😅
    Glad you are taking the traffic in your stride as it can get very frustrating.
    Wish a you a beautiful and cooler December
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  8. Ramya Rao says:

    Belated Birthday wishes, Parul! QuickRide indeed is amazing. And there is such joy in meeting new people and sharing stories and opinions. I have made many acquaintances from my cab journeys.
    I hope you have a great December. Looking forward to your road trip pictures!🙈

  9. Zainab says:

    Belated birthday wishes! It’s good to offer gratitude!
    My Nov was mixed but that doesn’t mean to not show gratitude! Lovely reading about your month! Happy Road TRipping!

  10. Alana says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’m in my birthday month now, and it’s a milestone birthday, so I was happy to read your observations. I don’t do enough to give back to others right now I am grateful to have my husband with me, and I hope I can spend some more time with him in the coming months and take at least one vacation. I’m grateful we have the money to shop during the holiday sales, and that we have a family up here to spend holidays with.

  11. Debbie D. says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Parul! 😀 You must meet so many interesting people on those cab rides. it’s true, time passes much too quickly. I’m always grateful for my dear husband and our life together. Wishing you a fabulous December!
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  12. Belated happy birthday Parul, you had a really great gratitude list and I also believe being grateful brings a positivity and new hope in our life. my November was so hectic, but we had a great family time during Thanksgiving break. I am grateful for each tiny blessings that God has offered me, and among them, my family is most precious.

  13. Anagha Yatin says:

    I can see that you are living life every second at a time and enjoying it! Good job dear! Not many can achieve this inner peace and outer balance…

  14. Sulekha says:

    Parul, belated birthday wishes. Love how you describe little things you are grateful for and how big they actually are for a happy life 🙂 Your posts make me feel good and your warmth comes through in every post. Happy writing <3

  15. vineeta says:

    Like always I was waiting for your gratitude list .I too wish to do yoga or exercises like u but unable to motivate me .
    Hope to follow you some day .
    Loved your expression .
    Love u

  16. Shantala says:

    I am glad you had a great birthday month, Parul. They are always special. As it happens, December is my birthday month, and much like you, this year I took it off Facebook, for pretty much the same reasons really.

    I am not nearly as social as you are, but I love how you absorb everything around you , and find beauty and meaning in it. In a cab ride, I would mostly be absorbed with a book, which is something I think I should work on changing, as getting to know people can be equally fascinating at times, if not more.
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  17. Akshata says:

    thats a fabulous thing! The cab stories I really miss them. When I lived in Bangalore and commuted for 20 kms from Yeswanthpur to Domlur, it used to sound a bit odd initially as you do meet a lot of stuck up people in the cab. But then you also meet some super nice people and thats when these heart warming conversations take place. I was lucky to have met some really good people in my cab rides. Now in Pune its a 5 min ride from home and I love it but I miss some parts of the long commute

  18. G Angela says:

    Belated birthday Parul, wishing you Gods abundant blessings on you, what a lovely gratitude post. I was happy today to read this post, and it was very interesting to know that you are creating content for Wikipedia, hats off to you:) I was smiling away as I read about the cake you made and ate it too after the work out:) Agree there is so much of goodness everywhere, one just needs to become aware of it and life will never be the same when you know that you are not alone in wanting to make a difference, there are so many out there making this world a little more humane and better. I was touched by your mom’s gesture, which reminded me of my mother who used to bring me saree and jasmine flowers . Thank you for inspiring and waiting to hear about your adventures:) road trips..

  19. That’s a wonderful month for you Parul. My belated birthday wishes to you. Being able to do what we love is a blessing. Another road trip? I am looking forward to read your travelogue. My month was busy but i enjoyed performing on stage. I enjoyed my photoaday challenge on instagram too.

  20. Parul… Birthday motnhs do up our moods in many a ways. We look forward to it ( oh well how much ever we deny it), and birthdays do matter! Nevertheless hope you had a great birthday.. I am sure you did considereing you took it off FB :))))…. Bangalore does have its own share of commute issues. Glad you found a suitable option, and glad in the process there are people you meet! Its just lovely how we tend to find insppiration in the most unexpected places.

    Cheers to your november!

  21. Rajendra says:

    happy 11 months until the next birth month!

  22. arv says:

    I always enjoy reading your gratitude list, Parul. I’m sure birthday month must have been special. I too once turned off birthday from Facebook just to check up on people but now I don’t do that. I guess we have to accept certain things.

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