How to deal with Manterrupting and Bropropriating

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  1. ywwp says:

    Good to know these two words. nice post. regards

  2. aseemrastogi2 says:

    Would agree with Khurt on this one. I guess it would be happening but then its not necessarily that men aren’t interrupted by women too.

    Guess what’s more important is to maintain a particular sense of decorum, respect and behavior for both men and women towards each other at any place or time.

    • I am personally all in when it comes to mutual respect and I too agree with Khurt and you.
      The intent of this article is to share what studies show. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg talks a lot about similar researches and going by that they is a lot to do when it comes to gender equality at workplace.

  3. Why does this have to an “us” versus “them” thing? What do you call a woman who unnecessarily interrupts a man? Rude. It’s not about man or woman. It’s about appropriate behavior and respect for human beings in general.

  4. Rajendra says:

    yes, it happens, and shouldn’t.

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