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  1. Mandy says:

    Great post! So true! And a good reminder that marriage (and relationships) are a two way street. 🙂

    With Love,

  2. Vinitha says:

    Right on, Parul. Both husband and wife need to support each other. But usually it is the wife who has to give up on many things.

  3. Dipanwita says:

    Marriage is a bonding but while taking care to nurture that bonding, somewhere, the wife looses her own identity. This happens majorly in Indian society. I totally agree with you on your last statement of letting go off few things so that both partners can breathe and grow.

    It is about respecting each other’s identity and letting each other grow.

  4. Shalini says:

    Ha! True that! Let them both breathe! Marriage is a partnership, it needs commitment and it also needs a comfortable space. Great topic, Parul.
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  5. It’s something I believe in. I mean, why wear Mangalsutras or change names when both individuals should bloom and growth. Love is no social contract unlike marriage papers. Btw, I love the picture, bonding and coffee:)

  6. The changes in identities before and after marriage is ultimately up to the individual. In India, women often ‘give up’ or ‘adjust’ not because the partner explicitly demands it of her, but because it is ‘expected’ of her, men also take on certain behaviour because of societal expectations rather than their wives’. Much better to talk things over and get rid of the external standards and fashion their own imho.

    Here from the A-Z and enjoyed reading your thought provoking post. All the best
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  7. Rajlakshmi says:

    The last quote beautifully sums it up. Both the partners should respect and support each other… Compliment each other’s faults and qualities. Without the balance one partner is bound to feel disappointed with the relationship.
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  8. It mostly is a far from equal partnership in most Indian households sadly. Hope we change it for the good.
    Truly Yours Roma

  9. Uma says:

    Yes, a marriage can thrive only when both partners are supportive of each other’s personal growth and space. The partnership need not and cannot be always a 50-50 one. But the balance should certainly not always tilt in favour of one. Nicely written, Parul.
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  10. I loved the quote in the end. I hate how most of the time, it’s the women who give up things for their husbands. Or women who do all the housework in addition to working. Marriage is a partnership. And if it can’t be one, then one or the other partner should leave.
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  11. Sreesha says:

    Identity. That’s the key point here.

    Your intro reminded me of something I read many years ago – the woman gave up meat cos the man was a vegetarian, but when she was pregnant, she began to crave meat. The guy divorced her cos according to him “his child shouldn’t be fed meat”
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  12. Rightly said. Relationships should be based on mutual understanding and respect.

  13. Suzy says:

    I love the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin . For me, that summed it up well.
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  14. Marriage is a partnership but I wonder how many couples share an equal partnership?

  15. While every relationship involves compromise and adjustment, I feel those that demand extremes – giving up food choices or dresses – are less about love and more about sacrificing to stay in the relationship. It is, in a form, coercion rather than willingly giving up.
    Statistically, it will count as a successful marriage. Personally? not so sure.
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  16. A true and beautiful marriage is where all “need to” are replaced by “want to”. Making small adjustments for each other willingly is what keeps the relationship going.

  17. Shalini says:

    Without a balance most relationships topple over into a divorce or bitterness or acrimony. One needs to let ppl have their space and time.
    Lovely writing as always Parul.

    Leather that weathers in Pushkar
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  18. My wife and I laugh in the face of normality. I left home, she hasn’t changed her name, and we work together form home – she is the boss and I work for her!

    Absolutely Amazing Alliteration

  19. So true! relationships work by mutual and continuous efforts from both people involved.
    Nice post thanks for sharing 🙂
    Best Wishes!
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  20. Shailaja V says:

    Every relationship is a balance of give and take for it to remain healthy and sustainable. People speak of unconditional love but what they don’t see behind that is the fact that people let the other person be, while being respectful of each other’s choices. That is how a true marriage works. I should write a series on marriage 😉 This is very well expressed, Parul.
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  21. Denise says:

    Nicely said. Men shouldn’t feel threatened by a successful wife. And wives shouldn’t feel they need to remain in the background.

  22. Shantala says:

    Rightly said, Parul. Marriage is a partnership, and it’s about time all the cultures started viewing it that way.
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