Life, death and in between

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  1. Yes… One get lost in “Trivial Things” and ignore the more important ones… “The Living Beings””

    Some reminders come the hard way….. Feelings for the one who has lost somebody…

    Also, request to you, don’t let this feeling left in space…. Do become a more caring person from now onwards…..

  2. Your last paragraph. This made it for me. Great job. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Melony says:

    It’s so true. It always takes a death to make us remember that there’s a lot of life we should be living ourselves. This was well said here. Beautiful work, Parul.

  4. lisa says:

    I really felt this particular statement the hardest, Parul. “We fret over little things, curse traffic, spend time on social media admiring someone else’s life. Conveniently missing and focusing on our own lives. Not living in what they call is ‘a gift’, the present.” Fear of missing out can take up so much time that we actually… miss out.

  5. Very thoughtful. It’s so true that we choose to ignore inconvenient truths about our lives.

  6. An says:

    Profound. Death of someone close or that of a young one leaves one with such thoughts. It makes us see life from a different perspective, making us question the futility of most of the things we do or encounter. May God give strength to the grieving family.
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  7. Stacie says:

    This is so hard and it doesn’t get any easier as you get older and start losing more people you are close to. You are right in that all we can really do is live each day to the fullest and hope for the best!
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  8. Christine says:

    This is the kind of thing that’s on my mind a lot, lately. I think you hit a really important note, though: choosing how to respond is one of the few things we can control.
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  9. Sara says:

    Life wears us down so much that we forget to appreciate its beauty and also of those that make it beautiful for us.Its sad but true that someone else’s death brings us closer to our own life.

  10. Balaka Basu says:

    So we waste our time comparing it to others when we should be living it to the fullest. I have seen too many deaths and yet I have not learnt my lesson.. life and death are the only truth rest is just illusion. My condolences to the family of the man.

  11. vineeta srivastava says:

    Sad to hear the news .
    I believe that nothing is in hands. Everything is destined. We are puppets in the hands of God or Time . Whatever is to happen ,will happen.
    But human nature is so strange that even knowing the philosophy of life, death , present ,past , future ,it’s all for a short period . Again ppl do whatever they wish may be good or bad or criticism or whatever.
    But I loved your thoughtful message and way of expression. .
    Be brave and accept the challenges of life and live as u are living .

  12. When someone’s life is cut short so early, it’s always a shock to every one. So tragic for the family.
    I like what you say about making life meaningful every day. That’s all that matters in the end, doesn’t it?

  13. Soumya says:

    Sadly, nothing like tragedy to wake you up and make you look at life closer. I hope he is at peace now although my heart goes out to his wife and family.

    Life is very fragile and you said it right, it is only fair to make good memories. Maybe we need to learn how to let go of the ones that don’t matter or cause pain.
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  14. Strange how life comes around, eh? Death is inevitable. We all know that. But it’s the unexpected nature of death that catches us unawares and makes us wonder if it’s all worth it- all the pettiness, the comparison. We all go through it, Parul. Some of us forget more easily. Others remember and use it as a way to find meaning in their lives. I feel terrible for the young woman he’s left behind. Some things aren’t easy.
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  15. Shilpa Gupte says:

    How true, Parul!
    It’s only when Life shows its true colours to someone else, do we realise the kind of power Life has over us, and how we underestimate it, take it for granted!

  16. Bellybytes says:

    Death unlike birth affects us all deeply especially when the person is young. A fleeting acquaintance is often dearly missed simply because one feels that one could have perhaps got to know him better. Or ? Life is too short for regrets and we all come with our destinies. I hope those grieving for him find the strength to face these difficult times. May his soul rest in peace.

  17. G Angela says:

    Very true Parul, agree with every word you spoke here… last sunday my third brother expired leaving his wife and a daughter who just started working after her degree, and on the same day, a student committed suicide – both the events were sad and I was disturbed and shaken- made me look at life at close quarters to see, what else is there for me to accomplish, and relook at whatever is happening in my life, in order to enhance the quality of my life…. in a way that motivated me to be a little more, kind, a little more giving, compassionate and generous with what I have been blessed with… every death is a reminder that the earth is a temporary place and in the journey of life, we never know when our station will come:)

  18. Esha says:

    Our lives are so fragile, Parul. Like you, I too came to similar thoughts when I heard about a tragedy that befell one of our very close family friends recently. A brilliant Oncologist, in his early-fifties, who performed more than 6000 surgeries to cure his patients lost his own life to it. We were neighbours in Kohima! We must learn to accept the uncertainties of life because that is the only constant!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Your thoughts are well written. I agree, all that matters is love and the time we have together.

  20. Life is a precious gift. We should treasure it, enjoy it, share it, make it count for something. By extension we should treasure others as well. Knowing these truths can help us make them a reality. Then perhaps we won’t have regrets, but warm memories or to be remembered with fondness.

  21. I know what you mean. A year back one of my college mates lost her husband suddenly. She has a child as old as M. It’s scary and that shook me. You are right, all that matters in the now and the love. We should focus on that and make the most of the time we have together.

  22. Margaret says:

    Your title is perfect for this piece. Experiences like this do bring us to examine our own mortality and that if those we love. I wish you a long and happy life.

  23. Erin says:

    Unfortunately sometimes it takes the death of another to force us to appreciate the life that we’re living while we still have it. I like the depth of the statements you’ve made here, and that you seem to truly want your reader to treasure their moments, not to preach at them that they should.

  24. I totally get you. Such incidents shake you up and make you focus on the most important things in life. When I read about someone dying young or a child being hurt, it hurts me to the core. As a wife and a mother, these hit home in the worst possible way. While we can’t live our life worrying about what may happen tomorrow, it is important that we are more grateful for what we have and focus on the love that surrounds us.

  25. asha says:

    The death of someone we know, however remotely connected we are to them, has a way of pushing us to examine our existence, no? Perhaps it’s a recognition of how fragile and fleeting our lives are. Perhaps it’s a fear of our own mortality.

  26. Zainab says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately ackose relative went through this and it’s so saddening! You are right, it hits us like no other.
    I’m with you at not wasting time, on stuff taht doesn’t really matter! Yet I can worry 🙁

  27. Vinitha says:

    Well said, Parul. Two months ago I heard a tragedy happened to one of my good friends from college and it left with me similar thoughts. Anything could happen any moment. Our life is a luxury, a blessing. And we need to treat it that way instead of dwelling on matters that don’t matter. Remembering this kind of gives me enough strength to get by even on the hardest day. Thought provoking post, Parul.
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  28. Natasha says:

    Just what I needed to hear after I lost an injured pup I was tending to, this morning.
    Life has no guarantees and it’s upto us to make the best of what we have.
    Beautiful, though provoking post Parul. Hugs❤️
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  29. Something like puts life in perspective, isn’t it? Makes us wonder whether we’re leading the life we want for ourselves or are we just too caught up in the routine to even notice whether we are truly happy.
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  30. Rajendra says:

    Yes, life is fragile and we need to know that, and make the most of what we have-each in our unique way.

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