My love for jalebi that knows nothing

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  1. Wow! Kachori, Aloo sabzi and jalebi what an awesome combination. While I would be honest in saying that I didn’t grow up with this as I grew up as an NRI, when I surely had this for the first time, I immediately fell in love. Add to this, the Makhan which we get in winters which is even more awesome :D.

  2. Loved this line-‘I love it with all my heart, soul, taste buds and stomach’. I dont think anybody can convey the love for food so aptly.
    Not to forget,this post made my mouth water.

  3. Bellybytes says:

    I understand that crunchy sweet feeling.i love jalebi too!

  4. Sunila Vig says:

    Yummmy post and one which would be perfect for my non sweet-toothed husband whose favourite sweet is Jalebi 😀 My favourites are Rossogullas, Motichoor laddoo and gulaab jamuns.

  5. Shalini says:

    Haha! That’s one true love! I am not fond of it. At all. Oops. May be Gulab Jamuns. Or chocolate cakes. 😀
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  6. SHILPA GARG says:

    Hahaha! That’s some Jalebi love. I think, I would have similar love for Gulab Jamuns 😀
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  7. Obsessivemom says:

    Oooh I love jalebis too – The only catch is that I only love the ones from Lucknow. No where in India are they quite like what we get at home – crisp and sweet and saffron in colour. I could do a whole post on them. The soggy stuff we get elsewhere or those fat ones filled with khoa just don’t work for me. Even now when i go home Sundays mean jalebi and khasta.
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  8. Heehee, I know the feeling. I feel the same way about kaju katli, though I hadn’t indulged in a really long time (I put away about half a kilo of it during Diwali…. needless to say, it shows :P)

  9. Shailaja V says:

    Why did I read this close to 11 pm? I am now craving jalebi 🙁
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  10. Such a sweet post! Made me smile! Really!
    I love Jalebi’s and love them more dunked in milk! And i am partial to their sturdier cousin, the Imarti too!:)
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  11. I am reminded of my days in kharagpur where jalebis are served for breakfast in the morning. Hot freshly prepared ones served with a dollop of thick curd on top. I would initially shirk having it this way but soon began to love it. And I still have it this way, despite many people finding it weird. 😉

  12. Jalebi is my favorite sweets too, and I have tried n times to make them at home, with no success of course. I love hot jalebis with rabdi
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  13. Shanx says:

    🙂 I want one now! I love it and while everyone around would wait for “chat and everything”, my dad would make sure to bring jalebi for me and we would indulge in that unofficial competition of eating more (or eating that last one quickly) Thanks for writing this one!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love jalebis too! Where in Bangalore have you had the best? I think Anand sweets is yummy n crispy n juicy.. but the marvadi wedding always serve the yummiest!

  15. Alka says:

    No breakfast was complete without jalebis when I used to visit Varanasi, my ancestral place. This was back in the eighties when sugar and cholesterol weren’t an epidemic. Now….sigh!

  16. Beloo Mehra says:

    Such a mouth-watering post this, Parul!! Now where will I find real good jalebi in this southern village. Will blame you all day today for making me long for these juicy jalebis 🙂
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  17. Jalebi is one of my favorite too and any occasion is an excuse. Add to it, my favorite Gulab Jamun:)

  18. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Haha! It was amusing reading about your love for the jalebi!
    I am not at all fond of it! Sorry! But my late grandfather was, and whenever he came to stay at our home, Sunday breakfast would be samosas and jalebi. 🙂
    Even today, mother celebrates his birth anniversary by buying samosas and jalebi in his memory!

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