Magical Mahabalipuram & Picturesque Pondicherry – A Photo Story..

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  1. Nibha says:

    I guess I missed out a few places in pondicherry, but what all can you possibly see when you have just a few hours!

  2. G Angela says:

    Wow ! Great post Parul, I enjoyed reading this post… and now I am sure, I will visit Pondicherry. I am not sure of mahabhalipuram… I remember visiting Kanyakumari and the very famous vivekananda rock years ago.. there were no digital camera’s then.. Thanks for sharing this link…. loved the pics and now mahabalipuram will also be added to my list.

  3. Subhash kasturi says:

    Short and sweet!!

  1. February 6, 2016

    […] has a colonial charm of the Portuguese. The streets are named in French as well and having been to Pondicherry earlier, I could sense familiarity while walking on the […]

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