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  1. Aseem says:

    Though it maybe difficult, I guess many a time it’s best to just ignore and move on. If we start worrying about everything around us, then things can only dull, dreary and dismal.

  2. I write long extended .. very descriptive letters to my best friend.. whenever i want to discuss my mind, my complicated thoughts and all the confusions around me.. I contemplate during such evenings.. and mail her that very night.. Keeps me sane.. 🙂
    Pratikshya Mishra recently posted…Musings On A SaturdayMy Profile

  3. Traci York says:

    It’s a difficult balance to maintain, staying social yet staying balanced. I find grounding, centering myself, and envisioning a protective bubble surrounding me helps when I’m feeling the most vulnerable in public. I agree that home is the best place to decompress afterwards.

    LOVE the sky changing color picture! 🙂
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  4. Mel says:

    That’s what we always tell the kids — that home is your safe space to process the words of the day OR to not carry them inside since you know that the people within these walls all have your back at all times.

  5. Trablogger says:

    Very Lovely evening to untangle the thoughts and to analyze them. Everyone likes those who keeps their word!

  6. rajlakshmi says:

    If I am stressed I just go to sleep… there’s no point in letting out frustration at home 🙂 Home is a place of comfort so I try to keep all the negative stuffs away 🙂
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  7. I find it difficult to deal with such people. Sometimes, it’s good to let go. Lovely picture. 🙂

  8. You mentioned an important aspect – ‘some people don’t mean what they say and some others don’t say what they mean.’ As long as the first category is polite in its ways of saying things, I am ok with those. But it is the second category which I have found difficult to deal with because their ways of saying or not saying things emphasises too much on the phrase ‘Reading between the lines.’ These people consider the person, they are speaking to, to be equally shrewd to get their ‘between the lines’ message or hint. I find myself immensely underqualified to understand their ways and have distanced from such people over the time. I no longer care if they call me stupid behind my back because what is being talked behind my back is not actually for me but to satiate theit own frustration.
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  9. Well, currently I’m already in a crazy situation, and I suffer mood swings. However, I keep telling myself that I need to be discipline and focus on my goal rather than being consumed by negativity.

  10. Eli says:

    I think the best is to let go of negative people. If your have to relate to these people, and we all do in some way or the other – then at least decide that you will not allow them to “get to you” Their opinion is not important to you. Focus on your own path, and build up your life around “your people”… i find that easier to do now than when I was younger..
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  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    I am very straightforward and I do not understand mind games or passive aggressiveness. So, such people are beyond me and I just wish that I dont have to deal with such people!

  12. Jessica says:

    There are many ways of managing stimuli. You can meditate to shut off the noise and focus on your peace.

  13. Beloo Mehra says:

    “there are those who don’t mean what they say and don’t say what they really mean.” – it is the latter that I am always more confused and doubtful about. I am always skeptical when some people are saying too much “nice-nice-goody-goody” things! Politeness and kindness are important virtues, but so are being sincere and honest.
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  14. Ira says:

    I am not judgemental and don’t expect that from others either but I find it tough when people don’t speak their mind. It creates an invisible gap between kinship or peers, feelings start piling and each is free to weave a conclusion of their own (which may not be correct).
    Before marriage, I would doze off as I became restless but now I look for something to engage myself.
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  15. Earlier I too got swiped away by the craziness around. But now I feel mature that something are beyond our control. Just learnt to trust let it go and happily move on.

  16. I’m not sure whether it’s my age or the internal work I have done, but more and more I’m saying exactly what I want to and damn the consequences. The idea is not to hurt, but to be myself. As for the forked tongue variety, I have distanced myself from them as much as it possible, and much happier for it.

  17. Kaddu says:

    Seriously, Parul! It can get really confusing, interacting with such people. And it gets impossible at times not to carry the stress home, but, as you said – “it’s home where we sort out the tangled mesh of thoughts”.
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  18. richa singh says:

    I guess I do not keep up with the craziness around. I simply drop off and sleep 😀 On a more serious note, Parul very important (for me at least) to know what I think, believe and want to say. Rest can do whatever they want to. The I is very important in my life somehow..

  19. Jess says:

    Beautiful photo, and beautiful thought. I love the idea of a mini-tea to discuss deep thoughts…I try to remove myself from the crazy. I try not to let other people’s drama or stress get to me. If someone brings that out, I limit my time with them. I try not to “enter the circle” of crazy when I can’t avoid the people, although this can be hard as sometimes you want so badly to call people out on their behavior, but I have to think, “Is it worth it? Will it positively or negatively affect me to call someone out or address something?” I am getting better and better at this the older I get. 🙂

  20. Geets says:

    Ignore it and move on! There is so much of crap that goes around, if one will start taking everything to their hearts and discuss about them frequently, it will only take away the mental peace, that is all it will do! Yes, when it gets overboard, I surely discuss it with A or a few of my close friends and that lightens up everything! Aren’t we lucky to have these people around us?


  21. Sfurti says:

    Absolutely agree with the last few lines. It is home where we can be ourselves and bring our confusions with us 🙂

  22. Nikki says:

    It’s so incredibly difficult but absolutely important to find a way. Thanks for sharing!

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