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  1. Trablogger says:

    Interesting story of the eggs!! Stories behind the pictures are always interesting.

  2. Damyanti says:

    Food and Nostalgia. Sometimes an entire city enters you though its food.

  3. Esha says:

    There’s something about food and memories. I think a lot of our treasured memories have a very close association with food. I can relate to this wonderful feeling. Reminds me of our long train journeys in childhood and the vendors selling boiled eggs in trays, ferrying it across the station. These roadside joints are actually very popular places for college kids for every generation. Isn’t it wonderful how something as mundane as eggs brings back a slice of the past?

  4. Mali says:

    I have many fond memories of street food in Bangkok, and remembering school days and adventures with my fellow exchange students. Mostly noodle soups, but fried bananas are up there too.

  5. I have seen this a dozen times but never ever attempted to eat them for a thela as I am just too fusst about the kind of street food I eat!! Its a very popular sighting in winters in North India esp Delhi Gurgaon!
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      Really? I think there is hardly anything that can go wrong with boiled eggs so this was safe. I studied in NCR but never saw this so it’s interesting to know that many have seen this. 😉

  6. Sigh that’s true parul.. we all want to bring back our memories. . But seldom can. Sometimes to relive those moments I cook up stuff which my mom used to way back….

  7. Vinodini says:

    It’s indeed notable how we associate our memories with food and music. That plate of eggs soon will become a dear memory to you!

  8. Sulekha says:

    I go to my home in Mumbai and devour vada paav and paav bhaji 😊 . We keep our precious memories safe to feel happy again when we recall them. I have so many I cherish.

  9. Absolutely right Parul. When I visit my hometown I want to go to all my favourite joints and eat all my favourite foods. It’s fun.

  10. I’ve never seen this before either, but I bet it’s delicious! Although you can’t totally bring back the past, you can bring back the memories, and food is a great way to do that!
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  11. Sid says:

    We all absolutely do!
    Didn’t realise that those ‘eggs’ were a thing. But yes, stuff that memories are made of
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  12. Soumya says:

    The pantry guy in my office sells this 🙂

    Childhood memories are something else altogether. Especially when it comes to the street food we ate.
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  13. Mabel Kwong says:

    I so agree, Parul. A lot of the time I want to hold back onto the past and things that were. Love your story about eating the eggs and how it reminded you of times that we cherished back in the day. Speaking of eggs, when I lived in Malaysia, on quite a few days as a kid, before school I’d have a half boiled egg for breakfast. I always looked forward to it 🙂

  14. True. We want to move on but at the same time we want to hold on to our memories from the bygone years.

  15. Yes we do want to hold onto our good memories, and even just our childhood memories (sometimes even when the childhood was not great; it just helps us to remember how it feels to have more hope and future ahead of you than you have now). I do this with music: a song can take me back to my childhood so powerfully that it feels like I’m back in my 12-year-old head. At Christmas I saw that my niece is obsessed with the same sweet, cheap cakes that I loved when I was 15 like her. I tried one, but I just felt bad for eating pure fat and sugar. I think we need to be in an evocative place and situation, maybe, like your friend was when he found the eggs again.

  16. Food related to memories is always tastier. Having said that, I cannot fathom living in a veg town/city.

  17. That’s interesting…I’ve never seen that before. Taste and smell I think are the strongest senses in terms of evoking memories. It’s about the simple things in the end, isn’t it?
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  18. This reminds me of similar carts at S’s place, Modinagar. You are right, we all want to relive those beautiful moments for life is often in those.
    Are you not in Bangalore these days?

  19. Bellybytes says:

    It might surprise you to know that in Mumbai city, boiled eggs are sold outside hooch bars. People believe that eating eggs ( protein) after imbibing alcohol prevents liver damage…..

  20. Rachna says:

    Oh yes, my husband shares similar memories about the carts selling hard-boiled eggs. I have never had them from a cart but l find them fascinating especially how they are a fond part of my husband’s holiday memories.

  21. Traci York says:

    It’s amazing how sometimes a simple food (or even just a smell) can bring back a flood of happy memories!
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  22. Mel says:

    It autocorrected! A PROFOUND, not proud, thought.
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  23. Mel says:

    A proud thought, and likely the reason we eat things we eat and go the places we go. We’re drawn to it by our memories.

  24. Rajlakshmi says:

    I love these… And my other favorite is boiled eggs ka pakoda… It takes me back to college days, where in a nearby tapari we would have boiled eggs and chai. How food reminds us of all things happy and beautiful!

  25. Ramya says:

    I am not a big fan of street food but this plate looks interesting 🙂

  26. em says:

    The senses of taste and scent so often bring the past quickly to us. As a vegetarian myself, I so understand being able to find a small snack that is easy and fun.

  27. Saru Singhal says:

    Alok has similar memories from Kolkata. Yes, we hold to such memories. And there is a list of unhealthy items that I cook for him. 🙂

  28. Rajendra says:

    yes, we make memories and relive them, all the time..and why not?

  29. Vinitha says:

    What a sweet post! Very true Parul. We don’t want to let go of those happy memories from the past. 🙂

  30. Yes Parul! Even we during our college days have done this. Somehow hard boiled eggs used to muse us then.
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  31. Scents and smells and certain dishes always get back a gush of memories. The nostalgia is strange, it can actually make you travel back in years and remind you of a peculiar memory! I remember school rainy days when I smell a particular brand of soap! 😀
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  32. MALINY says:

    It is amusing how bits and pieces of our past resurface inspired by the present. I love eggs and I this story reminded me of a food joint outside my college campus where North Indians used to flock for dinner. We started frequenting the shop too after a while and found the food excellent! The place was also great to sit together and chat, which made the experience even more memorable 🙂

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