#MicroblogMondays – The wisdom of the crowd

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  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Thought provoking. True, just because the groups have numerical superiority, it does not mean that they are always reasonable in their thinking too!

  2. sampada says:

    Interesting thought there.

    Reliable or not depends on if the answer is straight- right or wrong, yes or No. For example, which country hosted the first world cup? This has only one right answer, and helps to with a crowd opinion.

    However, most answers that we seek are subjective. There are multiple right answers. Judging the correctness and suitability of it is always on us. The crowd, or otherwise, helps in getting a perspective, that’s all.
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  3. Herd mentality, it is said, is for the cows! But how easy it is to listen to what the crowd says and move that way! yea, sometimes popular opinion might work but like you said, we better leave that judgement to our wise selves.

  4. That’s why individual thought should be encouraged and nit stamped upon. Crowd polling is ok.for some not all decisions.
    It takes one man/woman to change course of the world.

  5. Lori Holden says:

    I wonder what we might do to get the best out of a group and not the worst. I think you’re right in the examples you give and also, history shows us many times when the majority was wrong (here in the US, slavery) and when mob rule has gone wrong.

    That said I do think asking a group of trusted, wise people can be a good strategy.

  6. Jess says:

    Yes. How quickly a crowd can become a mob.
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  7. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I agree. The concept is sometimes right, but not always. Every rule has its exceptions, so it shouldn’t be treated as always correct. Well said. 😀
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  8. Ramya says:

    Good thought parul. I always feel, if we know that we are doing something correct, we need not think of majority who discourage us . Right is right whether many beleive it or you alone.

  9. Traci York says:

    Excellent (if sobering) point, Parul. This reminds me of a clip from an episode of “Brain Games” that was bouncing around social media recently. Crowd wisdom is sometimes not wisdom at all.

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  10. Obsessivemom says:

    Interesting thought Parul. If everyone follows the crowd there will be no change at all. We need people who step out to bring in change.
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  11. Nabanita says:

    It does make sense. A lot of time the crowd is not right and we need to take decisions based on our own understanding. Thought provoking, Parul.

  12. I agree. Very good food for thought. It takes a very strong person to not follow the crowd.

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