My Ideal Yatra

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  1. Prajakta says:

    Yatra makes your holiday sounds more meaningful somehow – it becomes a quest for a holy grail for something! I have been in the middle of planning my own – and well, I like to plan! I may leave the day-wise movements to my whims, but between locations calls for an excel sheet 😀

  2. Dashy says:

    Yes, we really must understand the locale before the visit. Planning can be done in great detail and yet we may end up doing something entirely different!
    To me, an ideal yatra would be the one with that perfect someone for a companion, adventurous and itching to explore. Any trip would be wrapped in wonders and sweet memories in their company. 🙂
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  3. Ramya says:

    I would plan my yatra carefully. Food and good accommodation is a must for me. So i book hotel or bedandbreakfast before itself. But I am ready to roam around and visit new places without proper plan.

  4. Alana says:

    My ideal trip would not take too much planning. Seems that, as the years pass. I become more particular about my accommodations and about slowing down to enjoy the details of where I am visiting. I tend to overplan, because when I was younger I would just show up in places. Sometimes, there was an event going on and no rooms to be had. So now, I overplan.
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  5. Bellybytes says:

    My ideal Yatra would be a no brainer – one where I didn’t use my brain. I’d line someone to do all the planning so that I don’t have any expectations or disappointments- just a pleasant unravelling of a surprise package .

  6. Obsessivemom says:

    My ideal yatra would be a relaxed trip with my bestie. I would have a flexible itinerary where we can laze somedays, explore on others, stop by the wayside if we want, click lots of pictures and try the local cuisine. I’d like to be close to nature too quite like you and watch the sunrise or more likely, the sunset.

  7. Alok singhal says:

    My ideal Yatra would be a long vacation in the valleys of Europe – just pure bliss! It’s my long pending wish to see a few places there, which I can’t wait to experience.

    I am huge nature lover too, but you would know that already ☺️

  8. Kala Ravi says:

    I am horrid at holiday planning and my husband is worse! We unanimously outsource the planning and bookings either to travel agents or plonk the job on unwary family/friends who’ve been bragging so much about their last self-planned vacation *hehehe….evil grin on* I agree that you need a sufficient amount of planning and time for the itinerary you are planning, if all falls in place, the weather is usually wrong, tough huh?! Hope you get to do your ‘yatra’ soon 🙂

  9. Anshu says:

    Nicely said – but again, one thing that has always worked for me is ‘don’t over plan’ – some ‘yatras’ happen when you just decide and go for it than years of planning. Take two weeks off in August and just do it! Also I realised that sometimes doing things in many small bursts is as pleasurable as a Big Bang holiday – it keeps you looking forward to the next!
    You’ve got me thinking about my next 🙂

  10. Shilpa Gupte says:

    My ideal yatra would be well planned but with an element of surprise thrown in so that I feel all vacation-y!
    I liked your Hiamalay plans, including the things you would love to do there…may your dreams come true!
    Bon Voyage! ✈

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