My mysterious relationship with coffee

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  1. Very interesting and highly personal post. Thanks for sharing with us
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  2. Val says:

    Instant coffee makes me ill (though it didn’t when I was younger), I think it’s something that they do to it – not sure what. Here’s how to ‘properly’ make instant coffee: one teaspoonful into a cup, pour on boiling water. Add milk and sugar. No need to beat up anything (the coffee or yourself! 😉 ) Filter coffee – can drink some of it as long as it’s mild. Can’t cope with the 5+ strengths (like ‘Lava Java’ – lethal! Too much caffeine.)
    Tea – now tea is different. I adore Assam. I add to it my own flavourings: powdered vanilla pod is a fave.

  3. Lani says:

    I love this idea for a post. I think everyone can relate to this on a certain level. And what’s interesting is how coffee is treated and made around the world. Thanks for sharing such a deceptively simple but lovely post.

  4. fran says:

    Hi, I have been following you since last Aprils A to Z challenge and loved this one on your adventure with coffee. Probably because I am a strong black fan. I send to drink weak instant not really loving it but over the years my tastes have changes and now I really dislike instant coffee. Fortunately in Australia we have loads of great cafes.

  5. I almost got an ulcer due to excessive coffee drinking during my exam days at med school.
    I am a committed ginger tea fan.But the excess milk in the milky tea and the sugar was making it difficult to meet health goals.
    So now I have an occasional weekend ginger tea ritual,green tea every morning and a few shots of coffee in between to keep me happy.
    Heard a lot about you from Aseem .Just had to visit.Glad I did

  6. Traci York says:

    Funny – I’ve had a somewhat similar dance with tea and coffee since I was a youngster. I find it so interesting though how even simple beverages can be so different in other cultures – thanks for showing me a glimpse of yours. 🙂
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  7. Parul this is such a well written post on coffee; love your expressions and style of writing.
    I have a similar tale to tell- well almost. I am a tea lover and yes cook mine with ginger too..
    But fell in love with the filter brew and yes while in bangalore too.
    otherwise it was Nescafe all my life; beaten not stirred….

  8. Hello Parul

    I like coffee. The smell of freshly roasted coffee in the morning make you go mmm. It is all about the art of making the perfect cup of coffee and embracing that vibrant coffee culture we all know and love. The final result of the cup of coffee you brew depends on how you grind your coffee. Well, one aspect is definitely the purchase of a good grinder. But it is also important that you know the different grind types to come up with your desired brew. No matter in which part of the world you are, you can never be too far from coffee. As the saying goes, coffee roasting is ‘part science, part art, and part magic.’ It can indeed be called a science because the entire process involves a number of complex chemical reactions. And coffee roasting is nothing short of an art because with coffee beans, you can create a number of unique flavors and aromas to suit every coffee lover.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
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  9. Shilpa Garg says:

    Your relationship with coffee has grown over the years. And being a North India, my experience with coffee has been similar to yours. I am a tea lover but since the last 20 days, I am having nothing but coffee. In fact I am having as many as 4-5 cups in a day! That I am not getting my fav milky tea could be the reason but I am quite liking my coffee here 🙂

  10. Uma says:

    I loved how you detailed out your phases with coffee. Being from a tambrahm family the smell of the filter coffee is what I’ve always woken up to. I do need my kaapi in the morning but the evenings are meant for only tea. Not an addict of either beverage but appreciate it when both are perfectly brewed. My husband, on the other hand, is a coffeoholic and won’t mind it any number of times in the day!
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  11. Happy Coffee gulping but be careful of the “little extra sugar” 🙂

  12. MALINY says:

    Being a tea person myself, I have never ventured into drinking coffee at home. But right now where I work, we get beautifully made coffee, but the tea is not nicely prepared and so, during work, I resort to coffee and I must say, I love it now. I love blcak coffee, but I hate strong variants of coffee and would almost puke if made to drink one. The same works for dark chocolate. Loved your coffee tale, Parul 🙂

  13. Soumya says:

    In a way, this was such a wonderful tribute to coffee 🙂

    I was a crazy caffeine addict for close to 28 years. It generated so much heat in my body that every other thing went for a toss. I’m a green/lemon tea person now. I still love a creamy cold coffee though 🙂
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  14. Shalini R says:

    Love love love coffee and my husband is a tea lover! I understand your beautiful relationship with coffee and I hope it makes you happy forever 🙂
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  15. Shilpa Gupte says:

    I am so glad you are free from ‘arrhythmia’, Parul! And, am also glad you are enjoying your coffee!
    I, too, love coffee, but can’t make out the difference between the various types. I prefer the instant coffee cos I have yet not tasted the filter kapi. Would love to have it sometime! 🙂

  16. Dashy says:

    My reasons to like tea may be silly….it’s because it’s simple and refreshing all the time. Coffee requires that right amount of powder and sugar to get that taste. Not everyone succeeds in getting it right. Many a times I’ve gulped down bitter coffees from different places. So I stuck to tea although i know coffee when made right can be a real treat.
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  17. The pinch of coffee in the milk is something which has happened with me in my childhood and I do the same thing with my son too. I have also had on and off relationships with coffee and its a steady committed relationship now where I know I can always find coffee whenever I need

  18. I myself don’t know well about those coffee-terms and tea-terms.. .i love tea and coffee both- cappuccino and ginger tea are favourite… CCD introduced me to Irish cappuccino, an extra coffee version, love that one too .. 🙂 Mocha and latte are not for me.. Tea, yes,lemon tea, cardamom tea, green tea, love it all..
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  19. Vinitha says:

    Loved reading your relationship with coffee, Parul! Just like you I love tea more with coffee a close second. I love to drink tea in the morning. Coffee is my savior in the afternoon when I am tired but can’t take a shut eye. ☕️
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  20. Nancy K. says:

    What a great post. Coffee is such a passionate topic for people and you give it such a presence with your headings and journey. I also learned quite a bit about how different coffee is in your corner of the world. In the Netherlands, for example, they give you a cup of espresso and one cookie (only one. don’t ask for another). Here in the US everyone just brings their ratty paper cup or travel mug.

    I digress.

    The ritual, the companionship offered by a hot cup of something, is described so beautifully here. I love that.

    As far as suggestions… I’m light on them since this is so well written but I’d consider the final heading (This part of my relationship is called ‘you are part of my life’.) and including the same kind of setup, ending with coffee.

    Definitely enjoyed this and look forward to coming back and reading more of your stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Marcy says:

    I have coffee just about every day and have loved it since college. Tea for me is just a once in a while thing, just if I want something hot but don’t want a lot of caffeine late at night. It’s interesting to see your relationship with coffee changing over time.
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  22. Shantala says:

    Hahaha..I wasn’t aware of the connotations, but my relationship to these two beverages is pretty much the same. I love both of them. I need tea in the morning and coffee in the evening. But I can easily switch. The only thing is that I always need something along with tea, while coffee I can consume on its own.
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  23. I am a staunch tea lover. My filter-coffee-loving husband taught me to make filter coffee in the traditional way and now things i make the ‘best filter coffee’
    But , I wouldn’t know, right? I am a tea lover, remember:))

  24. Obsessivemom says:

    OMG Parul I have an exact same post lying in my drafts. Exactly same. The phiti hui coffee… I still love it.. coffee was a sign of sophistication in our time back home. Also I envy you your mornings. Mine are so crazy.

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