On accepting mistakes and learning from them

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  1. Trablogger says:

    How can you be so insightful from everyday life like this?! You are taking the MMC to a new level.

  2. Such a huggable little girl. And you’re so right, kids are so uncomplicated that way.

  3. Sid says:

    Damn! You do analyse too much 😛
    She’s just being a kid – 😛

    Okay, just kidding. I know what you mean. Kids are our best teachers, I’d say. It’s just up to us whether we learn from them or not.
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  4. Nancy Kz. says:

    I try to find fault only in the sense that once it is found I can come up with a way to avoid a similar problem in the future. So, it’s not about blame but more about problem-solving.
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  5. arv! says:

    well said. we humans start finding fault and set on a course of setting things right, even when it’s not required. It becomes our personal mission.

  6. Food for thought there. I am willing to accept a lot of mistakes but I do notice there are some that are hard. I also find it very very very hard to forgive {myself and others}. It’s a personality flaw I think and while it requires work, I’m not sure where to start. Your godchild is very cute! 🙂
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  7. Esha Dutta says:

    How cute is your god-child! All children are simple at heart. It is our reprimanding them that makes them reluctant to accept their mistakes or wrong doings. I was the same…as an adult it took me a long time to accept my mistakes…but when I became a parent, something in me changed. I found it liberating to accept what I can and cannot be and am teaching this to my son too. We have moments when we share our disappoints and failures and talk about it openly, which I guess his dad still finds difficult to do. Being a parent reminds me that I must practice what I teach and this has made me change my adult thinking process to a great extent.

  8. Rachna says:

    She is so cute. And yes, kids are that way. They are easy to accept mistakes and so easy to forgive. We lose those traits when we grow up.

  9. Your Godchild is super-cute! I tend to admit most things straight away and I tend to apologise too much.. if I’ve had an argument with someone, I’m always the first to say sorry just because I hate confrontation, even if it wasn’t my fault. Actually, I hate it when people don’t admit they’ve made a mistake. so yes, I do think it’s important not to cover up and lie. I don’t think it’s that important to dig deep in order to apportion blame, I think it’s more important to just shake hands and move on. Although afterwards I will dwell on it and carry around some anger towards the person, so who is right in the end?

  10. A bit difficult to do, but fulfilling when done. Great post , Parul and your Godchild is simply adorable! Bless her!

  11. Geets says:

    Yes, to all the questions! I do realize that as we grow old, we come rigid with our thoughts and feel what we do is always correct and apparently that is not the reality. We do make mistakes and the sooner we’d accept them the better it is for us. I for one, do accept and try to take it constructively if I’ve hurt someone or have made a mistake. But sometimes, accepting your mistakes (all the time I mean) isn’t a good idea as well!


  12. Sometimes I wish I can be a child again, so pure at heart. I still remember how I was as a child, never did the wrong thing and was quick to apologise when I did. But then life caught up, I still hold on to my core values but I’m not the same as I was. Sometimes I don’t even want to admit my mistake to myself. Growing up changes us in so many ways, some not so good.

  13. Sulekha says:

    Moving on is good for all instead of finding fault. Children are our greatest teachers. Great post

  14. Ramya says:

    Accepting our faults and learning lessons from them is good though tough. Children are sweet and innocent. Sometines, it’s good to be innocent and pure like them.

  15. Sounds like she also likes the sound of her own name! We could learn from her self-love too.
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  16. Very thought-provoking questions, and interesting insight into how children approach their mistakes. Thank you for giving me something to ponder!
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  17. Being the parent who learns from her child every single day, I would say that the answers to each of your questions is not ‘No’. It is only our ego which will compel us to believe in futility. Ego is what creates a rif between a kid’s and an adult’s thinking process.
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  18. Robbie Cheadle says:

    Interesting thoughts. I suppose children are very honest and don’t know how to lie and cover up things.

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