Profile pictures and what they mean

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  1. Very interesting. But, I mostly stick to one profile picture and share all these moods and events on my timeline only so that people can read and like or comment on it and share their moments also.

  2. Profile pics have become craze these days.Used as a medium of expression.No wonder people change pics as per the occasion
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  3. Esha says:

    Good research, Parul! That pic is really unique!!! I agree about how we want the best versions for ourselves to go into our profile pics. I didn’t have much of a presence on whatsapp until very recently. I do change my pp from time to time on FB though and it sure does reflect how I’m feeling at the moment, so your observation is spot on!

  4. Suman Kher says:

    Great observations! Although I find one good pic n usually stay put for months! I don’t take a lot of selfies so I don’t have many photos going around anyways.

  5. Shalini says:

    Gee Yes. And I am one of them. Though recently, there is a huge drop in the number of times I change my DPs. That unique pic your shared? Awesome!! 😀
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  6. Shilpa Gupte says:

    True, Parul. Our profile pictures depict our state of mind at a particular moment. And, it’s just that we would like to share it with the people in our life that we change our profile pictures. As you correctly said, our pictures keep changing as per the occasions we celebrate or feelings we experience. I, too, indulge in such little researches every once in a while and try and contemplate over what I see and what might be! 🙂

  7. Kathleen says:

    I tend to change my profile pic with the seasons. Motorcycling in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter, Halloween.

  8. Modern Gypsy says:

    That’s an interesting observation. Although I have to admit that I’m one of those people who changes my profile picture and forgets all about it for years! I wonder if that says something about me too? 😉
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  9. SHILPA GARG says:

    Wow! That’s an unusual and a very creative profile pic! I agree with your research. Yes, mostly the DPs reflect the mood of the season!! As for me, I rarely change my profile pics 😀
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  10. upasna says:

    Your research is 99% correct. 1% are like me whose status and pics does not match and people often comment telling me this. A nice smile enhancing post Parul
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  11. I love and agree with your research. And let me add to that, when there is a fight or a mood swing, the profile picture is blank or some quote inderectly meant for one particular person 😉

  12. Uma says:

    True..true..true..I don’t follow any routine and I rarely change my profile pics but that’s just me and I could be from a very different planet and time zone 😉 But, I have noticed this around my circle and it’s like a calendar of pictures, one for every month, occasion, and so on. Loved the upside down pic!
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  13. Z says:

    Wow, seems you narrowed it down & hit the bulls eye!
    I recently shared a cute heart pic of my spouse & I, as it was out Anniversary.
    Totally if guilty of changing pics after vacations 😜

  14. I couldn’t agree more, Parul! Your research is bang on!
    I have stopped using my personal pics as my profile pic, after my Dhobi from Bombay sent me a whatsapp message saying, ‘Bhabhi aap bahut acche lag rahe ho’ ;-))))) Now i only use quotes as messages, which tell the world which mood i am in :)))

  15. Lata Sunil says:

    Atleast my generation folks who are mostly technically challenged do not change pictures often. We mostly look awkward and change picture randomly. That was what I discovered. Even our FB images are the same, not changed in ages. While I see most people doing it all the time, I couldn’t care less.

  16. Shailaja V says:

    I’ve never really analyzed profile pictures. I also randomly update when the mood strikes me, on Facebook. I do think you’re right though. We do want to present our best versions of ourselves when the opportunity strikes. And that picture is fab. Must be from the trick eye museum in Singapore?
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  17. DR says:

    Thanks.. great article and I am glad the pic added to the concept of the blog! 😜All the best! 👍

  18. Rajendra says:

    Spot on- a reflection of the state of our minds! And, of course, our need for recognition, as always.

  19. I used to be that person who would once set a DP and forget about it, never changing it. But then the photo changing bug caught upon with me from my friends on Whatsapp. Your research gets my nod as vacations and diwali are true for me. WhatsApp is personal space for me whereas Facebook and Twitter are not, so there has been no changes in pofile photos in a long long time.
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  20. My Era says:

    Profile pictures mean a lot of things beyond expressing our mood or last significant event in people’s lives. This has become all the more evident with advent of social media. I say your little research is spot on and your friend’s picture is something very interesting 🙂
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  21. Rusha Sams says:

    Love the phrase and the picture — because who hasn’t had a life turned upside down? thanks for posting!

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