Skywatch Friday – 1

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  1. selfdriveenthusiast says:

    Very beautiful! Great thoughts!

  2. Beautiful photo…so full of hope as you rightly said. 🙂

  3. asarpota says:

    Fab shot… Always loved it when you are able to get a shot like this

  4. ajaybpai says:

    Optimism/ Ray of hope. IF i see closely, I can see the outline of Krishna’s face.. Am i going crazy? Good capture.

  5. shanx says:

    cool click Parul!

  6. Amit Agarwal says:

    Awesome capture!

  7. Beloo Mehra says:

    Heavenly, that’s how it feels.

  8. Amazing Click depicting HOPE and Gratitude for Mother Nature. Have a good weekend Parul 🙂

  9. That is indeed a lovely capture and I so agree with those light rays that they do transmit hope! 🙂 Your photo reminds me of my blog post and pic as follows: 🙂 <3

  10. jesh stg says:

    Beautiful breakthrough of the sun!

  11. batteredhope says:

    So dramatic – a story in itself

  12. Ramya says:

    Wow this surely is an amazing click… And yes Hope is the right word for it… I would also like to tag optimism to it… 🙂

  13. Shilpa Garg says:

    What an amazing capture! Loved it!

  14. dNambiar says:

    Those beams fighting through the clouds is such a splendid sign of hope.
    Awesome capture, Parul.

  15. Yeah, it is brimming with positivity. Beautiful click, Parul.

  16. slvrhawk2014 says:

    Beautiful…I have always loved the first light of the day!

  17. ladyfi says:

    Wow – glorious shot! Hope and beauty both are there…

  18. Kaddu says:

    Hope indeed! I get to see similar shades of the sky here in Jaipur. It is just awesome!

  19. Itsmine says:

    Just awesome!!Feels like you clicked the God!!

  1. May 31, 2015

    […] captured a great shot of the sky while on my ride home this month and I can’t stop feeling good about it. I don’t have […]

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