Some fun facts about Rakshabandhan

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  1. Ha Ha Parul, the last one is priceless. Great thing to know that the mere presence of rakhi is enough to shoo away unwanted attention:))

  2. Obsessivemom says:

    Some of those facts had me smiling. Our brothers were all far away so we only sent them rakhis by post. However I truly get to celebrate the day now with the twins though we have done away with the gifts and the fasting.
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  3. Uma says:

    Those are some interesting bits of trivia. I knew about the last one, though. I’m also reminded of the naive school days where we would tie Rakhis to all our “boy” friends. Total facepalm now when I think of it. Of course, we discontinued the practice when we grew older (and wiser??;))
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  4. Ramya Rao says:

    I being a south Indian, raised in north India and studied in KV, I did know a few facts and loved the holiday which both of us miss now. And this is the first rakshabandan that we have missed since we knew of this festival.
    Fasting I did not know, will do that from the next time. 😉

  5. The last one is hilarious and so true. Suitors should keep away from their eye candies. Ha! I had two Raakhi sisters during my college days and never had a biological sister whom I miss.

  6. Ramya says:

    Interesting! Especially free bus rides in Haryana 🙂 yes, couriers having rakhi are delivered on priority. Observed that once.

  7. Dashy says:

    Aha, this was nice to know. I was specifically looking out for shooing off stalkers point, since here in the south we don’t celebrate it much seriously, it is a threat for boys. 😛
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  8. vineeta says:

    its a long time since i could not tie rakhi in person to my brothers as they live in different city but i love this festival very much . i wait for an year to get gift from them .
    loved your post and fun facts behind it .

  9. This is so interesting! I really like the idea of a celebration of the brother-sister bond.
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  10. Geets says:

    Wow!! These are such interesting facts. Other than taking the gifts in cash/kind I didn’t know about any of them 😛
    The festival sure brings love, joy, laughter, warmth and happiness in the family.

    I loved all the information you gave here 🙂


  11. Sunaina says:

    Free bus rides and Rakhi to shoo away unwanted elements 😄…… I liked that 🙂

  12. Esha M Dutta says:

    I have written one on Rakhi too:-) Interesting facts about this tradition. Many of the things are known but I clearly remember, we never fasted on Rakhi (we fast on ‘bhai dooj’ though!) but it was celebrated with great fanfare among all our neighbours as kids, when we were living in Kohima. As we grew older, things changed but we still follow it at home. I’m writing about a unique tradition of Rakhi in my post. Do read whenever time permits, Parul!

  13. Wow, didnt know these fine nuances and tales of raksha bhandhan!!!
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  14. Rachna says:

    I love the festival of raksha bandhan. I do miss not being around to tie a rakhi to my brother now. And fasting before tying a rakhi, we never did that. 🙂 Who will fast on such a fun day? Like you I also miss the holiday on this day.

  15. Liv says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about it – but it sounds like a wonderful thing to celebrate. What a great way to bring sisters and brothers together!

  16. BIkram Mann says:

    A lot of gyan .. I did not know about many of the facts you have mentioned …


  1. August 31, 2016

    […] miss being home on festivals – food, those little rituals, and making memories. Rakshabandhan was mid-week and that meant no time for anything special. I was able to buy Rakhis and send them […]

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