Will you tell me what’s wrong?

What's wrong?

What’s wrong?

You are a reader. A well-read and informed one. There are hundreds millions of articles on the web and thousands of blogs. You invest your precious time here when you stop by to read a post on this blog.

You read a few opening lines and then you spot an error.

What will you do? Will you be willing to comment or send me a private message telling me my mistake?

If you won’t, why won’t you?

Either you are reading or you are scanning. If you are scanning and you don’t notice – I understand. However, if you are reading word after word and then you don’t tell me, what do I understand? Is it about time? Is it about why should I? What’s in it for me? What would she think of me? Did you think, “I am not perfect myself so it’s okay. We all make mistakes.”?

Let me stop you right there.

I am open to constructive criticism. Don’t be rude but if you have the time, tell me what did I miss? Comment, private message, text or email. Did you think the closing was rushed? What can I do to improve? Was there a grammatical error? English is not my first language so there can be errors. I can learn a few more nuances. Can’t I?

Will you tell me what’s wrong? If not, why not?

Writing for Microblog Mondays #179 today. 

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  1. Esha says:

    Now that you’ve mentioned it here, Parul, I will surely let you know if i come across any. But, like many have said here, I too feel that each one of us has a style of writing and a certain way of narrating and so it becomes a very subjective thing you know. So, apart from grammatical errors and typos I wouldn’t really brave it it by pointing things out to anyone simply because they are entitled to their styles, since this is not academic writing but a very personal way of expressing themselves, of venting their emotions and things like that. So, people can get touchy about things—frankly, this is what I feel! Polishing one’s art takes time, training and perseverance. I know of writers who wrote and rewrote until their writing showed perfection. How many of us could do that in today’s world when all we have is a few minutes in the day to churn out a post? You write so well yourself, you should not unduly worry about these things. The essence of a post is way more than the sum-total of errors and typos, I feel. 🙂

  2. Suzy says:

    Parul, the beauty of writing is that we have our own style. My grammar is pretty good but I’m not a grammar Nazi. And all of us have made typo mistkes now and then. So what. After all we aren’t writing an academic text book. Just enjoy your writing, because free flow is so much nicer to read than perfect grammar.
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  3. Shilpa Gupte says:

    I do not consider myself an authority of either English, or grammar, or writing, but often when I come across typos, incorrect usage of a phrase or words, I just keep mum. I am not sure how it will be taken, what if the blogger is a sensitive person (like me), or what if I may not have understood the emotions behind the post, etc. If it’s a close friend, I will message her, and expect the same from her, coz I, too, make typos, errors, etc. If you want me to point out the errors in your post, I will do it, if you do the same to mine! 😛

  4. I hear you and wish for the same for my writing but I tread on eggshells when it comes to doling out constructive criticism as the online world is very fragile. I dont want to appear brash or rude to someone I only know in the blogosphere.
    Having said that, I will surely give more thought and words to my comments on your posts wrt your request here. Please do the same for me.

  5. So everytime someone makes a grammatical error, it pops out for me. There is one thing though, I reach out separately to the person and tell them, to avoid awkward moments on public forums.

  6. This is tricky ground, Parul. I tend to agree with Tulika’s views. As an editor, sometimes the typos or errors jump out at me. But I understand that a person can be rushed or can make a genuine mistake. After all, we are not native speakers. If I do point it out, it will be only through a DM never on a comment. That seems rude to me. Constructive criticism is important but then as writers often there are varying styles and thought processes. It is difficult for me to sit in judgment of someone else’s work. I used to correct people earlier but of late I have gone easy. It does not reflect well on anyone to go about making fun of, mocking or publicly correcting anyone no matter what they think of their prowess. But I personally appreciate it when my friends message me and point out errors. I almost take it well.

  7. Shantala says:

    I typically don’t critique language or grammar unless specifically asked to. But a typo, wrong factual info (not opinion), a functional error in the blog – these things I will DM the person and let him/her know. That is if this person is in my friend list. Else I usually let it go, because I am never comfortable pointing it out in the comments section.
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  8. You know I will, Parul. I’m certain I’ve done it and expect the same from other bloggers too.

  9. I think constructive criticism is helpful…it’s why YeahWrite can be so good because most of them give constructive comments to help you build your writing. I would appreciate constructive criticism done in a respectful manner. I am open to telling you too about what’s working and what’s not. I’ll admit I do that more with creative writing.

  10. Rajlakshmi says:

    I used to do that before, if there’s a typo I would add that along with my comment. And I don’t mind if someone points it out to me. But now, unless someone asks I don’t. I am kinda mindful about not coming off as rude. I have a friend who always messages me if there’s an error in my post and I really really appreciate that but then we have been friends for long.

    Now that you have mentioned it, if I find a mistake I will definitely tell you. But you write well, chances of that happening is less 😊
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  11. Ravish Mani says:

    Well, it depends…. Normally, whenever I find typo or something, I point out the person through twitter DM. But, yes, I’d not use contact form for that purpose.

    As far as constructive criticism of you is concerned, I can say from my own experience that you take it positively. I pointed out about your ‘share is love’ and you not only agreed with my point but you also changed it. In another instance, I wrote a post on Milo Moire, showing my disagreement with your views. You not only approved the pingback but you also shared my views on twitter, knowing that you’re not in agreement with my views.

    So far, you haven’t discouraged me to do so. So, whenever I find any mistake, I’d definitely tell you. Not only in writing but other things also. I remember DMing you when I found something about you online and you took immediate action on it.

    Btw, I’m wondering what’s the cause of these thoughts? I hope everything is good on your side.
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  12. Varsh says:

    I do point out if I find flaws but that depends on my familiarity with the writer/blogger. Some people don’t take CC too kindly especially if it comes from some lesser known or successful person.

  13. Ummm that’s a pertinent post Parul. Editing was and still is my profession so I do spot errors. But since I took to blogging I made myself focus on the thought, the feel and the idea behind the post rather than the grammar of it. And that is why I don not point out errors because it really isn’t important. Of course there’s also a thought about the spirit in which criticism would be received. Not everyone likes it. Oh and by the way my sister often messages me about errors I make in my posts. And I rush off to correct them.
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  14. Soumya says:

    Since I know you pretty well personally, I’d text you if I find something off in a post. The fact that I haven’t till now says a lot about your writing, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Constructive feedback is important. Very. But then again, we have a few bloggers who are hell bent upon mocking your posts or pointing out random issues with a post. One thing that people always point out as a negative in my posts is my strong take on feminism. Some women always point out saying that the way I am is not right in the ideal world. I publish some comments with a fitting answer, some I choose to ignore. There is a difference between feedback and ignorance. And I know the difference.
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  15. Balaka Basu says:

    You know Parul, I have seen that there is lack of constructive criticism here. Most people come and tell it is a nice post, however as a writer we seek more than ‘it is a nice post’ type of comments. Most avoid to point out errors thinking that would upset the writer. Honestly, we should encourage each other to write better. I personally point out errors whenever I find. This is a very important message and we should consciously start this practice of rectifying each other.

  16. Ok so I will tell you why I don’t point out mistakes – because I think nobody is perfect, neither am I not the other person so do I have ot in me to correct someone else. Next thing is I am still learning the nuances of writing so I don’t have it in me to give constructive criticism on the composition or style of wtiting. The only aspect I am comfortable is to identify grammatical mistakes.
    Going by our discussion from that day, I do agree with you constructive criticism is required for the writer in us to grow. Agreeing with Mayuri too (her comment on FB) that when such criticism is given openly on the blog itself, it helps others readers also.
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    • Parul Thakur says:

      Yes. I agree. My intent is more around improving and not fault finding. We all want our writing to be the best so why not work on it. And if fellow bloggers won’t , then who?

  17. BellyBytes says:

    I have often pointed out mistakes to bloggers through private messages because I am a grammar Nazi. English isn’t my first language either but I like to think I’m fairly proficient hence qualified to critique. We all can learn with criticism be it of language,content, technique or composition so I’m fine with it . If nothing else , it proves that my reader is actually reading !
    But I often find that my advice goes unheard and I feel there’s no point at all !

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