Thanking my stars – August 2017

In Srinagar : When water looked like pearl

When things can go wrong, they won’t. Murphy’s law is not true all the time. When I say this, let me prove this to you by sharing how August fared for me.

This month, I was in Bangalore for eight days. I welcomed the month in Minneapolis and then traveled to the Ladakh region for over two weeks. There was hardly time to unpack from my US trip. But this is how VT and I had planned our trip. After a hectic work trip, a getaway to India’s mountain ranges was the best thing I could have hoped for. I agree to this in hindsight.

During the entire August, I have a lot to thank my stars for. So in the order of how things fell into place, here is why things went well.

  1. For the initial few days of the month in the US, I had a few unique experiences. One that will stay with me was a visit to the St Paul’s farmers’ market. I am grateful to AVW and AZ for showing me the city and sharing nuggets about the history and culture of St. Paul. I am grateful for their warmth and love.
  2. CK did not let me feel lonely. While her own car was getting fixed after the mishap, she got her dad’s car to drop me to the airport. We also ate at the Olive Garden and the food was delectable. She made my trip memorable with all her love and thoughtfulness. I am grateful that life gave me another chance to meet her.
  3. I traveled to India alone. The layover, the many security checks, co-passengers and the jet lag did not bother me. I met some good people, ate good food, loved ginger ale and was able to walk a lot in my flight. I reached home before time and yes, the office security was there to receive me in the middle of the night. VT was all awake to welcome me home. What more could I have asked for?
  4. VT had planned our Ladakh trip and was ready with all the maps, directions and things we needed to travel. His parents too had bought food items for us to carry. Because of all the planning and support, we able to hit the road on that Saturday morning. The morning after we reached. It was a good start and per the plan.
  5. We covered close to 3000kms in an Alto. How many times did we face car issues? Not even a single time. On our journey, we saw big SUVs broken down but our little car kept on going. The various car fixing things we carried came back home unopened. Another thing to be grateful for. The Ladakh region is known for its uncertainties but we were lucky to travel just as we had planned.
  6. Talk about AMS. Yes, the devil by the name Acute Mountain Sickness. We popped a pill a day after Srinagar and kept ourselves hydrated. We watched our food intake, ate healthily and did not fall sick. No nausea, tiredness, heavy heads or loss of breath. VT had mild fever one evening but that was due to lack of sleep the previous night in Hanle. He recovered after two hours of slumber.
  7. Our phones had no network or data. The physical maps and an on and off BSNL connection helped. We lost our way twice but got to explore some new places and still managed to reach our destinations before the Sun set.
  8. We met some friendly people and hosts all along. They helped us with directions, lent their phone to make calls and entertained us with some interesting stories and conversations. In Srinagar, a family helped VT buy a pair of jeans and then even dropped us to our houseboat on Nigeen lake. A cab driver in Leh led us tail his car so we were able to not miss any turns. A Gujarati family fed us Khakhras and entertained VT when I was out clicking. Many maggies and cups of tea kept us warm. The omelets and parathas were made with love and that showed.
  9. Our trip was to be on the road for 12 days. We were able to stick to the schedule and did not miss a single day. On the 15th day, we were able to drive back to Kurukshetra, from where we started. The Ram Rahim verdict make us anxious but the drive was safe and quick. Our train to Delhi got canceled but we were able to book tickets for a better train to reach Delhi much before time. I got to spend some time with my brother at the airport and it felt that the trip got its closure.

There are very few times in life when we realize that the Universe is all along helping and guarding us. This month I felt that. Every little thing was just as it should be and I am grateful for all the sunshine. At work, folks managed work and I did not feel the pressure of being away.  August feels like one of those months in life which I will remember. Both for the experiences and the perfection.

How was your August? What is that one thing you were grateful for?

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  1. G Angela says:

    what an interesting month you had and I agree with you that the you were protected and guided throughout the journey, covering long distance in a small car and visiting beautiful places, meeting new people … I would say parul your own positive attitude towards life has enabled you to have new experiences and yes definitely everything around you worked towards safety, security and I am not surprised that you are thanking the stars:) stay blessed !!
    G Angela recently posted…September Birthdays!!My Profile

  2. Caroline says:

    Your trip sounds wonderful. What a great idea to sum up the positive aspects of your month – it’s so easy to just think of the negatives so your way is much better.

  3. arv says:

    Happy to know that your Ladakh trip trip was great. For us city folks, not being connected is hard to imagine, but I really look forward to such trips. I enjoy being in remote places in Himalayas. Disconnected with the modern world but 100% connected with myself! I wish I could take one such trip right now!

    I feel if we think positive, everything will fall in place! Enjoyed reading your post, Parul!

  4. Lisa Orchard says:

    Sounds like you had a lot to be grateful for. I’m glad you had a nice trip. I’m grateful my boys had a fun summer!

  5. Fancy says:

    Loved and grateful for our holiday last August- safe and happy. Your adventures look super. I remember having altitude sickness in La Paz A weird feeling.

  6. Fancy says:

    Loved and grateful for our holiday last August- safe and happy. Your adventures look super. I remember having altitude sickness in La Pat. A weird feeling.

  7. Fancy says:

    Sounds amazing! Altitude sickness is awful though and it doesn’t really ease. I am thankful for a safe and happy holiday in Paris this August

  8. Phil Taylor says:

    Wow! That is a lot of travel without any trouble. Maybe I should hire you as my travel agent!

  9. Sulekha says:

    Parul, we seemed to have missed each other in Ladakh. I was there too from 22 to 27th august and I was alone. it was my first solo trip and I too had a illness-free trip 🙂 You did it by road, that is something else. Good to know that there were wonderful people to help you and feed you along the way. The folks there are very helpful and friendly. Great post on gratitude.

  10. Wow That sounds like a great adventure! My plans always get ruined in one or the other way but i finally manage to get out of the situation. Hence, I know the pain when one had to suffer with failed travel plans. That was the reason why I felt happy while reading your post and knowing that everything went on as planned! 🙂

  11. Ritu Bhathal says:

    Sounds like you had lots to be grateful for! I was grateful for the family support. They helped me finish my writing challenge!

  12. Tiffany says:

    That is quite an August! Sounds like you had a great time.

  13. Brought a huge smile on my face. For everything that can possibly go wrong there a dozen things that go right. You have penned it so beautifully. Being grateful is just so essential Parul especially to keep the good souls going 🙂 Glad you had a great time in Leh! 🙂

  14. So glad you had a wonderful month! It sounds like you had some lucky stars aligned in your favor! Here’s to hoping it continues in September! 🙂
    Becca @ The Married Cat Lady recently posted…Five Things I Loved about my Wedding – BeccaMy Profile

  15. Obsessivemom says:

    This sounds wonderful. Glad you had a a peaceful trip. I’ve been seeing your pictures on FB and you look so happy. touchwood to that. I love that you trounced Murphy.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…The Gratitude road to HappinessMy Profile

  16. vineeta says:

    I too believe that nature and stars help us a lot . in your case u both were full of positive thoughts that u have to go to Leh , and that hidden waves ‘of positivity helped u . i wish i could be as positive as u . Hope so ….
    but it is true that we want proper information and details of your fabulous trip so that if we could’nt go at least we can see it through your eyes . Please also share your some thrilling , amazing , goose bump experiences , some experiences related spiritualism which touched your soul.
    loved your post on thank giving .

  17. BADRI NATH says:


  18. Shilpa says:

    Hey Parul .. looks like you had a month filled with fun and vacations . Have fun dear.

  1. September 3, 2017

    […] This recent road trip to Ladakh was slightly different. We didn’t drive from Bangalore and the car wasn’t ours. We flew to Delhi and took to train to VT’s hometown in Kurukshetra (150 kms from Delhi). From there, we picked up his father’s car and began our longest road trip to the mountains. 12 days on the road, a Maruti Alto K10 full of food and water along with necessary car stuff, and an amazing alignment of stars. A lot of things could have gone wrong with the two of us traveling alone but they did not.  […]

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