That bowl of faith

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  1. WHY NOT?
    But the bowl does make me wonder!

  2. Soumya says:

    How deep is this short post!

    Why not indeed!
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  3. Shilpa Gupte says:

    What sort of a bowl is it, Parul? I hope the money collected goes to help people who need it more than the Gods, who have no use for these pieces of paper!

  4. So here is an open bowl instead of a daan-peti. I guess the answer for Why not can be monasteries also need money for their upkeep.

  5. That’s a lovely bowl. We never know the actual reason of offering money to God. Never questioned as well. But most of them do. However, when it’s used for a good deed it is pretty satisfying.

  6. Indrani says:

    Indeed a wordless moment!
    I would have loved to capture it.
    Happy WW!

  7. Esha Dutta says:

    I’m assuming the question was why was the bowl there…and you got your answer seeing the notes! Not quite sure if I’m right in thinking so! A very evocative picture, this one. Btw, waiting for your TreeLove post to link up. 🙂
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  8. I wonder why we offer money to the Gods? I know in some places (like Gurudwaras) the funds are used to feed people and other places perhaps for maintainence and upkeep of the temple. But why do we as devotess/believers offer money to god? This is something I have often wondered; what is our motive? A question worthy of a blog – dont you think 😉
    Loved the picture- trust you to spot something like this and question it!!!

  9. I am curious to know, is it a bowl for alms? Was it small or does it just look small?

  10. Vinitha says:

    That’s a beautiful way to answer. Lovely bowl. 😀Glad to read you after a long gap, Parul. ❤️
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