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  1. Pam Margolis says:

    So true. Men’s health is equally important.
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  2. Soumya says:

    Applauds for this post!

    In the whole hoopla of feminism people have some how forgotten that men have rights too! This post would be an eye opener to many.
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  3. I guess the focus on giving more privileges to women these days is because of the utter lack of decency that some humans have for the fairer sex. It’s like, we have to make rules to reserve seats for women in buses, or for any other place where reservations are made, only because of the sole reason that if there were no reservations, we wouldn’t have even bothered to do anything.
    That’s why I like the #HeForShe movement, which promotes gender equality, and not ‘more power in the hands of women’. 🙂

  4. Kala Ravi says:

    I amglad you took this up Parul, because I know of couple of cases where men are the victim, yes really, and they haven’t the guts to speak up or complain for fear of ridicule. Justice should be unbiased and rules should be the same male or female, however in case of men, it is very rare that the true story comes out.

  5. Agree to the points made, Parul. I never get up in the bus to give my seat to a woman, except if she is overburdened with huge bags or a child. I’d give it up for a child or an elderly person. I do from a principle perspective, whether for a man or a woman, despite I belong to the rare breed who believe in equality and feminism:)


  6. The mindset, that is what counts Parul.. Great post. Btw I miss the fishing rod 😢

  7. Shilpi says:

    I actually wanted this issue to be raised in your blog. I have seen many times college girls coming in metro/bus asking tired gents to vacate seats, a lady executive in office accusing male colleague of sexual harassment when they couldn’t take their relationship to next level of marriage. I mean where are we heading… we can’t get equality by taking undue advantage of reservations!

  8. Lata Sunil says:

    I agree on the equality of men. Now, that I have two boys, I do get a bit irritated that they have to give up some stuff for the females. In case of any issue or fights among them and if a girl is involved, she is never blamed. Why? Sometimes, I am worried that some girl can wrongly accuse the boys and get away with it.

  9. My Era says:

    I agree on the emphasis of equality in every field rather than blindly supporting one gender over the other at the cost of the other.
    I agree to quite an extent with Stephanie because I have seen and heard about this bias often.
    The underlying personal biases need to be addressed to be able to effectively support equality. I believe having our own principles clear in our mind will help us play advocates of equality in an effective way.
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  10. Alok Singhal says:

    I read Stephanie’s comment as well, and think that many women undermine the important of many others around them. It is like they themselves are to blame (at times) for what is done to them.

    Yes, a balanced relationship goes a long way, but then ego has to be set aside for it to be achieved – with both Men and Women working these days, it is a major conflict in households!

  11. I was in a woman’s group whose entire reason for being is to help women get ahead. Yet when someone posted about choosing a female gynecologist, I was surprised how many said they had one or two bad female gynos and never went to one again. And most of them had mostly male doctors in other specialties. Not to mention dentists… I’m going to try to switch to female doctors, just to maybe support women in the field. It’s just SO hard to find good ones because when you ask for recommendations, 90 percent of the doctor recommendations are male!

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